BURLEY — An employee at a meat packaging company is charged with felony aggravated assault after police said he threatened a coworker with a large pipe wrench.

Zachary Lee Ford, 35, is also charged with misdemeanor battery for punching the coworker in the face, according to court records.

Ford, whose hometown is unknown, is being held without bond.

According to court records, Ford was arrested after an incident on Dec. 20 when a coworker at the company said he got into an argument with Ford while on shift.

Ford said nasty things about the man’s cousin and tried to provoke a fight with him, the man said. Ford grabbed the wrench and, while standing a few feet from where the man was sitting, held the wrench over the man’s head like he was going to hit him with it.

The man tried to move away and Ford stepped forward, still holding the wrench. Another co-worker intervened and broke up the fight.

Ford stepped outside the building and then came back in holding a knife, the man said. Ford yelled at the man and tried again to provoke a fight.

Ford rushed him and punched him in the face, the man said. The other coworker again stepped in to break up the fight and the injured man left the workplace for the day.

Ford was arraigned Monday; a preliminary hearing date is not entered in court records.

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