BURLEY — The city has honored the late Keith Poulton by naming Burley’s new tennis courts after him.

The City Council unanimously voted Jan. 15 in favor of calling the new courts the Poulton Tennis Complex.

Poulton, who died in November at the age of 93, helped organize the Burley Tennis Club and served as its president, Burley resident Leroy Fink said.

Fink had brought the proposal to name the courts to the City Council.

“He was an outstanding citizen in our community,” Fink said.

Poulton played an important role in the construction and expansion of the courts at Salmon Park and was a life-long tennis enthusiast.

When William H. Thompson died in the mid-1960s, he left $2,000 for city recreation, which was used to finish two remaining tennis courts at the complex, Fink said.

It was unclear from records at the time, he said, whether the city named the two courts after Thompson or the entire complex.

“It is my opinion,” Councilman Jon Anderson said, “that we should honor Mr. Poulton but not forget Mr. Thompson.”

The City Council intends to name one court for Thompson at a later date and name the remaining five courts for other donors.

The city began tearing out the courts last fall after more than $300,000 for the project was raised through the Burley Development Authority, Oregon Trail Recreation District, civic clubs and private donations.

The donors will be recognized with a plaque.

Councilman John Craner said the city should place a sign at the complex to tell people about Poulton and why the complex is named after him along with recognizing any other people who are honored.

“If we are going to do this, we need something that explains who he is and why we did this so 30 years from now somebody doesn’t have to go back through all the records again,” Craner said.

The courts were replaced after asphalt had reached the end of its lifespan and cracks measuring up to 2 inches in width started causing safety concerns and restricting play.

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