It seems as though everyone’s assessments are higher. Good way to raise taxes in the future. I think the assessor is over shooting for that reason alone. Wasn’t there an article bragging about the assessed value at like 2.9 billion. All seems fishy and I guess we will pay for it in the nea…

Wrong wording on the title. There is no such thing as a 1st annual anything. It should be inaugural, which means first. Annual would be the second including the first year. I hope the writer of this article did not choose the title. Do they not teach this in journalism classes?

The photo shows the kids with their left hands over their heart during the pledge, this is how it starts why isn't the teacher showing the correct way.

Sounds like another refugee raped someone.

Exactly what Twin Falls needs. Another place to get a hamburger.

Hey here's a great idea! Let's build a convenient store across the road a little from our current store. Great idea, geniuses! Well considering you run the monopoly in c- stores, might as well build another just to compete with yourself.

I can't believe that people are saying just because we don't know the story we should not say anything.
Here is the story: some piece of crap dumped a baby by the roadside. Regardless of whether or not the baby was stillborn or died later is not really a factor. She was thrown away like…

There is no acceptable reason for someone to leave a baby by the road.

My heart breaks for this poor baby. Not for the piece of trash who just threw her away. How could you do that? Where...why....I can't even fathom the thought. Sick. I feel sick. And sad very sad.

I think you all missed my point. My point is the Times News potentially put people in danger of losing their homes and jobs because they carelessly printed their names and photos and gave a map to the sub division where they live. And also told how they bought houses using other peoples name…

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