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I tried to find any history on line regarding Adrienne Evans and what qualifies her to be leading our students in classes. Other than being an community activist, I couldn't find anything about her having a job that produces something.

tw - The Good Samaritan did not bring the person he was helping home with him. The Good Samaritan set the injured man up in a hotel in his own town.

Beautiful structures. Such great craftsmanship! Thank you Times for publishing the photos.
I have often wondered why so few people today use passive air circulation for their large structures today. It seems that the cupola system was a practical method that didn't require any energy …

In this same issue of The Times is an article about rattlesnakes. As a young 16 year old girl, she needs to become more streetwise about some men. She needs to follow the advice of how to avoid getting bit by a rattlesnake and apply it to some men around her, even if he is someone she sees…

The process of events happening in all of our lives which cause us to switch gears happens to all of us. A death of the family provider, a huge physical change, a natural disaster and other events are things we all go through. What those events do, is make us better rounded as a person. W…

Regarding the DACA group in the park recently – Two of the main speakers were not the main-stream DACA young people, who have lived in a regular family structure. Liyah Babayan came here through Armenia. Sergio Larios is from Oregon and honors Che Guevara, a mass murderer. Both Babayan an…

So many children being used at that event to spread information they have no concept of. They are only tools of their handlers.
The guy sitting there with the picture of Che Guevara, who was a mass murder, really give a clear picture of the handlers of the little children being used at…

Just some other things to trust as much as any Russian meddling:

• A rattlesnake with a "pet me" sign.

• OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection.

• Having a drink offered by Bill Cosby.

• Michael Jackson's Doctor.

• An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran.<…

Good job with the photo with the reflection of the little ones shining off of the well polished floor!

To the staff, I appreciate that you mentioned his nationality as it give context to the story. Please ignore those who think being Mexican is a something to be hidden and to be ashamed of.

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