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walking wizard commented on Brugger: A question of citizenship

I am more worried about the question used by ICE than anything. Yes, I am aware that it was once a question on the census. As long as it is not used to eliminate the count used for apportionment and government services, I really do not have a problem with the question per se. You have give…

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Investors are not being paid. They are supposed to be receiving part of the profits of the company as investors. Instead, the company's are using profit to buy back stock. This increases the price of each share, but does not allow investors to take advantage of compound interest. Investors …

And I thank you for reading and commenting.

walking wizard commented on Letter: Loopholes

I suggest that you copywrite this. I is sure to be passed along the internet--starting with me.

walking wizard commented on Brugger: Government for the people

The process my be in state government constitutions, however the right to petition is part of the first amendment.

You seem to paint all Democrats with the same brush. My column specifically touted birth control, not abortion. Thank goodness abortion is not considered to be a birth control strategy. Just because it is legal, doesn't mean it is a correct decision for everybody--like tobacco use or alcoh…

Why do you say it's Liberal? I honestly have not seen that to be their leaning. Examples, please. What actions has the council taken that seem liberal to you?

While you are basing your essay on the idea that truth is truth, your examples illustrate the idea that you have, indeed, your truth. Philosophy has not settled the idea of what is truth. There are many schools of thought on the subject. What you seem to illustrate is that truth is supporte…

walking wizard commented on Modern Life: Baby It’s Cold Outside

I thought this comment was well reasoned and spot on. No does not mean yes. You are correct that suggestive lyrics are entertainment not to be taken literally.

Some people drown while attempting to swim because they are unable to hold on long enough. I prefer to throw a life line or jump into the water with them.

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