Do any of you know how many electoral votes Idaho has?

Don't do Don't do it. Your comments should be stricken wttrump.

You are a Trump supporter, Trump has said he likes the poorly educated. You appear to be in that class. You are not even smart enough to get your own user name so you copy someone else's. We do not appreciate you using the Gartner name to spread an opinion which is in direct opposition …

What College did you guys graduate from?

Agree, Trump is a disgrace to this Country!

We decline your vote

Check those House members who voted for the Bill from this area and tell them your disappointed in their vote. Maybe they'll get the message. Plus the current Bill being considered making it harder to get an initiative on the ballot must be stopped.

twgartner commented on Letter: DDT is safe and effective

Your probably right Adrian, DDT is probably safe for humans. It was banned because it was concluded that it was bad for the environment and for animals. I believe it is still used in South America, Asia and Africa to combat malaria. There is probably no chance it will be reintroduced int…

Really, since when Gov Little did Idaho Republican Legislators care about teachers? Save your story until a week from Monday which will be April Fools Day

Sen. Lee Heider could care less what average Idaho voter wants. He favored the Luna Laws, he opposed Medicaid expansion, he opposes raising the minimum wage. he refuses to do anything about the faith and healing law. Why do the people of Twin Falls County continue to vote him into offic…

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