Ugh, that the first thing I thought, Another Mexican place. I don't even think the Times went to the website and checked it out.
So this Sweeto Burrito is nothing like Mexican food with the exception it's served in a flour totilla. Buffalo chicken and Tots, Smoked pork, Cheese burger.…

Why isn't it an automatic hand recount when there is a tie. Then if there is still a tie, then a coin toss, wrestling match or whatever.

Synchronize the lights on Blue Lakes and Shoshone from Pole Line to Kimberly Rd. More times than not I have to stop at the next light after going from a green light. Think downtown Boise, they're all sync'd for 35mph

I think Main Ave Brewing sounds good.

So it's the director's responsibility that the bus driver gets a good night's sleep? As soon as someone see's a janitor yawn they better fire the schools superintendent and principle.
So there's probably more to the story, but the result is lame based on what's reported

How do you estimate 93mph?

What about the guy that rented the room? Heard nothing about him.

What bugs me is why is this story just being released, two weeks after it happened. Come on TFPD, City Hall. If you wanted to catch these guys you should of released it sooner.

Mimi5, I haven't seen any comment on her being found guilty by any post here. Are you saying that she was paying attention to the road and the pedestrian jumped out in front of her. There is absolutely no way that she was, this happened on the inside lane of the direction of travel. I see it…

Gets deported after prison where, here in Idaho or California. Don't waste the tax payers money, send his sorry self to mexico now.