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Not bad.. Except one glaring defect. The U.S. Constitution of which defines this countries origin does not assign medical coverage as an enumerated power of the federal government. In other-words ALL federal meddling in personal medical affairs is UN-Constitutional. The founders were VERY…

I have a friend who is attending college, just turned 18 and is on trial for driving under the influence. Its so sad; maybe we can just exempt her from that law eh......... ??

So........ If I post a Facebook page about a Russian political opinion - Think they'd throw it on mainstream media as U.S. meddling in Russian affairs?? I really have to wonder if the left has any purpose at all to themselves anymore short of just stirring pots.

AS IF - the DNC doesn't play the same if not worse "spineless" games. Obamacare sucks..? Oh, but, now that the GOP has the house its the best thing since sliced bread. Railing on how corporate financing need more oversight then dropping the ball 100% ( short of B. Sanders looking…

[thumbup] Couldn't have said it better.

While those footing the bill on an "open" market instead of a "forced tax" market are LUCKY to make $20k to $30k a year. Pass a law that "forces" EVERYONE in the city to make as much salary as administration makes and 9 times out of 10 you'd have a bankrupt city.

600-people hardly count as public input. Mike Simpson is right, "not to change Craters' status, saying it is a place where local collaboration on management is working."

Why people Idaho residents are too stupid to have any control over it is well beyond me. National Park…

Federal isn't "public" land; its western land ( within western states ) controlled by eastern states. Its just a way for the east to rent and enslave western states.

"The average enrollee gets $257 a month in premium support"

So as a healthy individual who hasn't been to the hospital in 35 years; can I get that refunded in cash? Or does that citizen distribution just go straight to fat cat insurance companies - funny how they seem to in…

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