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1. We aren't against health care (health care is different than health insurance). We are against having to pay for someone else's health care. If you would like, though, I will gladly forward my wife's current medical bills your way to pay.
2. Why are women telling men what they a…

Thank you, Linda, for an amazing column this week! I know you have a "D" behind your name. I have an "R", but in reality we should all have RUSC (Responsible US Citizen) behind it and get rid of the other labels. I always appreciate the open dialogue you promote! :)

Would it surprise you to know, CeeNee, that I didn't vote for Trump, nor will I in the next election? Rather than having a tizzy fit, how about calming down a little and thinking about how the problem is that our leaders, whether their last name is Trump, Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1, Reg…

When I have written letters to the editor, they have always created a title, even when I put one in the letter.

Wow, when I saw this headline, I thought for sure it was going to be about President Trump. I didn't know it was actually going to be about former President Bill Clinton.

Your perspective here is interesting, CeeNee. During the election, I remember when people were commenting on questionable things Hillary was doing, you wanted to sweep it under the rug because all she wanted to do was do good things for people. Part of the reason many of us are asking &quo…

How about if a student painted a tile depicting the resurrection of Jesus? Take it down? Censor it? Or would it be ok since it could spark thought, introspection, retrospection, and hope?

Yup. Idaho has 4 because we have 2 representatives (and because we have 2 senators, just like all of the other states).

Rather than get rid of the Electoral College, lets just hold votes only in New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and California since those states are the big ones with the most people anyway.

Anyone else remember when Roy Raymond Ford, Blue Lakes Sporting Goods, and The Sandpiper were pretty much the end of Blue Lakes, Osco and The Mandarin House were added on to to create the Blue Lakes Mall, and the poplar trees lined the field on the west side of Blue Lakes where Target is now?

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