Proud of the Jerome community for standing up for everyone. An ICE building is out of place in such a small town. It's also unwanted and it caused unnecessary damage and trust to every community where they set up shop.

Keep strong and fight on.

It doesn't look like they made it far.

I'm glad that there weren't any deaths. It's a bit weird that buses these days don't have seat belts anymore.

I'd be surprised if this passes. The grocery tax portion would help out lower income people, whom the Idaho politicians don't usually care for.

Wow, now this is the kind of person that needs to spend a long time in prison. What is wrong with him?

It is discrimination. There's Christians, Atheists, and Muslims fleeing the place. Why not include Atheists too? They often get hanged for expressing themselves in those countries.

sscentil commented on CSI hit with cyber scam

CSI needs to invest more into the IT department. Their security is very weak. And it's especially needed after one of their own employees stole money from from the college vault.

I think there's a different problem. A lot of people have tires too worn out to help with icy roads. And people tend to brake too fast at stop lights and stop signs.

In minidoka the kids haven't gone back to school since before the winter break. The roads are really bad so I'm glad they didn't have school but i can't wait for them to go back to school and keep learning.

It seems like the conviction was based on mostly speculation. I always kept a close eye on my cousins and brothers when they were little. Little kids are constantly climbing things and playing with dangerous objects so you have to be careful. A lot of them even strangle themselves on acciden…

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