This is scary as I can just see a black revenge coming.

We have a long way to go to determine scientifically when some one in insane. That does not count the other issues such as anxiety.

I disagree with Tumbleweed on the commentary that Christians would support God for allowing gay activities. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament declare God's opposition to gay behavior. God does love all people. It is their sinful behavior that He opposes. Gay behavior is something …

A 60 mph truck route is not a solution. It is a death trap. A 45 mph truck route free of other traffic would be great but not practical due to the cost of a structure across the canyon. Let us not lose sight of the fact that trucks cannot stop in the same distance as cars at any speed above 45 mph.

Certainly a tax cut is always tempting. But given our condition in the state, I think we bet spend our money on needs.

I thought only men did such things. That's what I see on TV frequently

I have two issues with all the publicity being generated by claims of misconduct.
First, most of these "enlightenments" are from many years past. No real evidence is offered to substantiate them.

Second, most have left this sort of stuff in the past or in one case, it was…

I am also a Viet Nam era veteran who disagrees with your stance on this issue. The constitution guarantees the right of peaceful protest. I support that. Disrespecting the National Anthem is completely disgusting behavior, especially when there are many other ways to protest.

The Media has botched yet another Trump plan. He directed Congress to come up with legislation to Legalize these folks. He told Congress that he would revisit the program if Congress fails to act in six months. So, why are we getting in a panic over more false news?