Oh Larson, you ridiculous hack. You lost. Drop it.

"...because to pick anyone other than the GOP candidate in an Idaho race would cost us precious advertising dollars."


The Idaho GOP has NEVER had a plan for healthcare or education that didn't come from the national GOP or the John Birch society. Idaho is the Mississippi of the west and it's ABSOLUTELY the Idaho republican party's fault.

And all republicans have is "Dems are bad, California is bad, god loves the GOP." Such predictable old dinosaurs. Anti-science, anti-progress, anti-intellectual, anti-woman, pro-trump garbage party.

The Idaho GOP is the greatest scam in the west. They howl that the only standing between the gem state and THE APOCALYPSE is a vote for the party that never saw a prison contract they didn't like a school they didn't want to defund. Idahoans, at least the blue haired ones, continue to buy t…

I don't believe the article states she is an anti capitalist. In fact, she is a CPA which means she gets economics and capitalism much better than her opponent.

Danny- Mrs. Silver is running a state campaign, not a federal one. I think you those confused. Her position in seat 24B has no impact on Trump or Venezuela.

Now THAT was an ENORMOUS amount of paranoid, talk radio, fox news, grade A hooey.

You can't be a morality espousing, America loving patriot and continue to support the thrice married philanderer and liar in the white house. Hypocrisy much?

This plea is completely separate of the Muller investigation. Read the news sometime.

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