What a weak, barely literate response. The gun whackjobs are a joke. (See what I did there, sport?)

And what agenda are you referring to? Making sure school don't cave in?

In a world where people believe the orange embarrassment, a proven serial liar, and call the WaPo "discredited," there can be only one leader....we call him Lalek...oh wait, he calls himself that. The rest of us call him "oh bless your heart."

A pedophile from Alabama being backed by a grossly incompetent, serial liar, and sociopath from New York. The republican party my dad and grandfather supported is dead.

Bending over backwards to defend an accused pedophile.

You are morally bankrupt.

Ah yes, flipping the script so as to not deal with the fact the GOP seemingly has no problem with electing a pedophile to maintain a precious vote for their agenda. "Values voters" are a joke...

Ramsey commented on Our View: Cheers and Jeers

Wake up, stupid. The GOP is selling you for food.

Donald Trump. Roy Moore. That's your party until you grow a spine and say they aren't.

Is that really all you have as a comeback, dummy? Really?

Someone as lockstep with the the monolithic Idaho GOP as Hartgen has some gall calling ANYONE radical. The party of Roy more and the orange embarrassment have zero room to A: tell anyone to "trust them" or B: try and take any high ground, moral or otherwise. With that said, you pe…