Most of your arguments as to why he is a bad choice, in my opinion give him credibility. Sounds like a good choice.

The little girl and her family are the victim here, not the city council

All Grants come with strings attached. The city that takes the grant loses their say down the road..Whoever they get the grant from, has the voice as to "how it's going to be"..otherwise they sue you.

This refugee problem is not based on whether someone is Syrian or not. The problem is Islam and the Koran that promotes violence against all who are not a part of Islam. The border that they come across is not as important as whether they hold to the Koran or not.

Lands managed by the state bring in $ 9.32 for every dollar spent. I had a typo in the previous comment I made.

We must make changes in order to get different results. I believe that we need to get our lands back into the hands of the state. Lands managed by bring in $ 9.32 for every dollar spent. The Forest service makes 23 cents for every dollar and the BLM makes 94 cents for each dollar spent. …

There is a problem in the fact that the goals of Quran followers are different than the average American. Their goal is not to fit in rather the goal of Muslims are to conquer. I personally am not ready for Mosques in Idaho, although we already have 5 with more coming. People need to ed…

The people of idaho must stay on top of this as the idaho government will not be

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