How in the world can this be a good thing? Less government perhaps? But to let the very industry that is in the business to make as much profit as possible do their own inspections is ludicrous and extremely dangerous. We will look back at this decision when the pork in this country is the…

And you are part of what’s wrong with America. What happened to civil debate. Disagreement is what helps build up America. Your name calling shows your ugliness.

I empathize with you and your health journey. My insurance company has dominated every medical decision my doctors have made. It is shameful and extremely scary during a time when I should strive to be stress free for my own health success.

Don’t make assumptions that adults who enjoy going to activities or like to be entertained at the same places you do cannot act responsibly when having a cocktail.

Mr. Christiansen represents ALL of Idaho. Not just those who agree with him. For him to make a huge deal out of this and then to suggest boycotting an Idaho business is shameful.

Very good, logical point.

Kardashian’s are all about the “crap” tv. But, you know what? Lots of people watch them.

Exactly. When will the grandeur and beauty we have been blessed with, override our greed?

Pattypoo_322 commented on Letter: A border wall means security


I’ll miss Tumbleweeds replies going forward. We rarely agreed but he was a man that loved America. Rest In Peace Danny

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