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Mount Borah in Custer County is Idaho's highest peak at 12,677 feet.

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"We are allowed to go out for things essential to our survival," Twin Falls Police Lt. Terry Thueson said. "But we should be wise about how we shop. And when we do shop, we should leave the family at home."

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Mychel Matthews

pst4911us: Thanks for bringing my attention to this.

Mychel Matthews

The Filer police officers do have PERSI.

Mychel Matthews

1Nutcracker: Rick Dunn is the mayor of Filer, not Twin Falls.

Mychel Matthews

Mychel Matthews commented on Large piece of canyon collapses during flood

We had trouble attaching the video to the story, but the link is now at the bottom of the article.

Mychel Matthews

Danny. The police station and firetruck story came from Sheriff Doug McFall, who was a wannabe cop in high school at the time. He had a scanner in his pickup and heard the whole thing.

Mychel Matthews

Mychel Matthews commented on Countdown to canyon jump begins

JackCass, no permit is needed for the event, because attendance will be fewer than 500.

Mychel Matthews

The statement is correct. Maid in the Shade is the only B-25 still flying THAT FLEW IN COMBAT. She has the bullet holes to prove it.
“She’s the only B-25 left that flew in combat in WWII,” Washburn told Trainor. Others were either shot down or scrapped after the war.

Mychel Matthews

Mychel Matthews commented on Death Notice: Brittany Bewley

The date has been corrected now. Thanks for the heads-up.

Mychel Matthews

I have now attached to the story ICRMP's answer to my records request. You can find it in a PDF file under Carter's photo, top left. The state code for exemptions to the disclosure policy is clear.

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