Jonathan Peterson, please go seek mental health treatment before you hurt yourself or others.

Beasley, you speak of the mormons as if they were vermin. Reminds me of how the Reich spoke of the Jews, the Hutus spoke of the Tutsis, the Serbs spoke of the Bosnians/Croatians, and on and on. Perhaps you don't mind being grouped in with such ilk?

If the TF Fire department is so good, how'd the fire start in the first place?

What has happened to our Christian nation? Unlike the writer of this letter, I don't believe that the bible is some sort of play, or musical to be acted out. Our founding father's didn't think the bible was fiction. The bible is a handbook, literally written by God himself. Would you program…

The GOP delegation should be charged with battery for getting on the members of the legislative committee. I'm sure they didn't consent to being tackled.

Slow response. Boycott the Twin Falls fire department. The firefighters should pay for the damage, or at least half.

Are they the Refugee brothers or the Juma brothers? The headline calls them Refugee brothers, but the first paragraph calls them Juma brothers. What's next, the Mario brothers? Is a closer eye toward editing too much to ask for?

Is that man helping her with her injury? Or hurting her? If he is hurting her, why did the reporter take pictures and not call the police?

Typical goverment officals. Am I the only one who doesn't see a connection between killing wolfs and herding elk? I don't think killing a few doezen wolfs will make it any easier to herd the elk. Elk are WILD anamals, by defanition WILD anamals cant be herded, that's why their wild and not c…

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