Agree. Such a waste of money. Projects like this are why TF should never get a local option sales tax.

TF leadership has yet to demonstrate any kind of vision. Another pot of tax $ would certainly be wasted; all those outsiders who come into town every day wouldn't see any benefit. Tell us about these "projects."

Has he really saved much? I bet most of that $70/acre savings goes to the financing.

Someone should ask the Elko County commissioners if it's legal for Idahoans to load up on cheap Nevada liquor and smuggle it home.

jshuettig commented on More housing coming to Twin Falls

More growth on East Addison. When will the city add more lanes on Addison between Eastland and Hankins to accommodate all this expansion?

National parks? Little Castle of Rocks? What?

Years ago, the spud farmers did have a cooperative -- what happened to it?

Same with all the other highway district candidates. But we knew all about the fire bond in TF. Way to be, Times-News.

A growing city should be adding lanes, not removing lanes, especially if the plan is to add a fleet of buses to the congested streets.

What a waste of $250,000.

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