jjfisher commented on Letter: Bill protects rural Idaho

No ones rights were harmed by gathering signatures for this initiative. every voter in Idaho was able to vote on it. There was no outcry about the special interest groups and outside money that gathered signatures for the historic horse racing initiative.
Also, the sponsor of this bill …

The" balance" is no discrimination against anyone.

Thank you, Mr. Jones. You are a true voice of reason.

jjfisher commented on Cal Thomas: Premises, premises

Cal just became totally irrelevant with this parroting of lies from the right wing. I used to respect his opinion even if I disagreed.

Obviously, just a power grab by the GOP in Idaho. Street maintenance and garbage collection has no party affiliation.

I agree Eleanore. The nation needs more GOP to stand up to Trump instead of cowering in fear of his childish diatribes. Dismissing all of the conclusions of the US intelligence agencies show how unfit for office he is, let alone the over 8000 lies he has uttered.

POTUS is not the"boss" he is a public servant. the public is the boss.

not exactly true.

Speaking the truth isn't bashing. The shutdown was entirely on Trump.

Referencing an anonymous caller to an alt right commentator's radio show isn't very convincing.

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