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Political cartoons are not meant for humor but criticizing politicians. It pointed out Trump's egocentric hypocrisy and does a great job. That it offends some people is beside the point.

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You left out the first part of the amendment , "a well regulated militia". The constitution also calls for a Supreme Court to interpret these "God given" rights. BTW there is no mention of God on the constitution .

The purpose of political cartoons is not respect but to point out hypocritical actions. Whether or not they offend someone is immaterial. I felt the cartoon in question was spot on making pointing out hypocritical behavior.

Thank you, Mr. Jones for a well thought out letter, I agree with you completely about Bolton. He showed exactly who and what he was during the Bush years. Now he's definitely a clear and present danger like most of the Whitehouse gang.

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A very thoughtful letter with quite reasonable suggestions. That being said your letter will be attacked heartily by several here in the valley.

Idahojoey, Patty called no one any names. Re read her comment.

I agree 0527, and Gayle, it happened right here in Twin Falls with an anti immigration rally promoted on Facebook.
There has been a lot of info about this. Just pay attention.

So exactly who is using Mr. Hogg? Name names since you're so confidant. Exposing extreme right wing commentators for the frauds they are is a good thing.

Any politician who backs letting children die because of easily treatable maladies and the hides behind the 1st amendment is cowardly and worthless. It's not religious freedom, it is child abuse.