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Maybe you should try refuting what I said with an intelligent comment. I am not deluded!

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Yep totally fed up with the GOP trying to rush this through while a majority of the country is against it. I'm fed up with all their artificial deadlines. There is no hurry. Evidently McConnell forgot about his unprecedented 11 month obstruction of a fully qualified nominee.

For once, you and I are on the same page. Shoshone should be truck free except for delivery trucks. We've seen a truck pulling triples go down Main all the way from Kimberley Road. Some signage and fines would partially fix the problem.

Of course it isn't free, but the writer ignores the fact that Idaho taxpayers are already paying for it and getting no benefit from it.
Voting yes on Medicaid expansion, it's the smartest and most humane way to go.


People in Idaho are already paying for the Medicaid expansion and getting nothing for it.

John. McCain's funeral was only about the late Senator. Somehow praising someone who actually served and sacrificed for our country becomes an attack on Trump? Praising honorable behavior and non bigoted attitudes is an attack against Trump? All without ever mentioning anyone but John McCain…

The Watergate investigation took over two years. What's the hurry? As far as witch hunt, it looks pretty successful to me. Dozens of indictments, many guilty pleas, another just today, two witches behind bars with more to follow.

Pretty poor reasoning, even for you, Cal. You are obviously blind to current events over the past several years.