Traffic is backed up for miles and miles due to this crash. Two semis laying on their sides.

I hope they throw the book at him. What a jerk! But it's highly doubtful since the good ole boy mentality is in that area.

Doesn't the parking lots around best buy and those stores have cameras?

I think they should be outlawed. They disturb the peace and invade personal space and property.

Nothing like wasting money and interrupting drivers lives.

Throw the book at him....he's an idiot that should have known better.

It was in a bad location, had to park behind the building. There was never any advertising on it's coming here that I ever seen.

If prices for beef were lackluster then they sure weren't sharing the lower prices in the store. The price of beef in the store is outrageous.

jazzie commented on Ag Futures: Oil market on fire

We are being RIPPED OFF at the pump.

Just hang the SOB from the highest tree on the court house lawn. He doesn't deserve a trial, wasting our money. Worthless piece of S***!!!

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