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Sometimes doing whats best for education is letting mommy and daddy keep some of their money, rather than giving your favorite school superintendent a pay raise.

I have been looking around a little and can find nothing that indicates that spending more money leads to better education. Idaho is usually ranked 2nd to last in dollars spent, beaten only by Utah for spending the least, but usually ends up in the 34-35 range for academic achievement. Vari…

Zero Hedge is considered a factual news site by people who recognize facts. The fact that truth contradicts the spin you prefer is also a fact.
But then you knew that, as you are smart and reliable folk.

Check out the graphs and charts from Kevin Hasset, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, as well as the latest September jobs report, as presented in the 9/10/18 press briefing at the White House. I think it makes crystal clear that things changed when Trump took office, they weren't…

Until Fox News came along the press was homogeneously liberal, and Fox is just a little less liberal. But Fox doesn't pretend it's something it isn't, like all the rest. Breitbart (may he rest in peace) saw this globalist, lock-step trend in our media and spoke up against it, and founded on…

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Tumbleweed says it best!

That's the sort of thing the Klan used to say. Or the 1800s US Army cavalry used to say. I will agree that a dog has no status--unless it's your own dog. And what sort of inbred redneck sloping forehead LEO discharges their weapon so thoughtlessly, poorly, and needlessly? One who doesn't th…

Trump makes statement. Media attacks Trump over statement. Every susceptible to media mind control freak out about Trump. Suddenly and inexplicably, things change for the better.

This pattern has followed nearly every single Trump action, and it's now working this way for immigration …

Agents of the federal government did something wrong? This is so hard to believe.

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