Good thing the county assessors raised all of our property values. Now we can pay even more taxes. But oh no that’s not why they did it. Unfortunately with two bonds on the ballot I think the tax payers are going to vote no for both. I guess time will tell. AH

So you all agree you do a whole lot of listening? That’s great. What about the doing part? Taking tours? Yep that seems more important than say The big Medicaid screwover, not including human rights protecting people, and our suffering education system but by all means go look at some whe…

No you are wrong. People need another place to drop off their kids, you can’t do that at a fire station.

And then they will lay them all off. Just like they always do.

And this is where the new property assessments come into play. Higher values assessed by Mr Wills and company mean citizens will pay more for these types bond issues. Thus less approval from the public.

Good, put this piece of trash away for the rest of his life. Death penalty would be better. Eye for an eye! How about just stand him on Blue Lakes and run him over at 80-100 miles per hour. This guy cares about no one and should pay.

So let me get this straight? You are not emotionally stable enough to live without this dog, but carry around a handgun in your truck? I think there is a problem with this scenario. Also an Akita is a poor choice for a service dog. Just sayin!

BS. This guy is competent. He’s just an uncaring a-hole who has no regard for other people. He is a murder plain and simple. His carelessness has caused many to suffer.

That’s still 396 per year. My question is how are they finding affordable housing for all these people? Finding rentals here is just awful and rent is too damn high.

No one wants to supplement their income by a refinance or reverse mortgage. Why can’t you and other get that? People work hard to pay for their homes, and when it’s paid off they still have to pay taxes on it. Valuation and taxes go hand in hand, regardless of how Brad puts it. Your value…

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