But what if someone shoots their eye out?

This is the best thing I have ever read in this newspaper.

The impacts to the mere 60,000 acres of farmland can likely be offset with pump stations to make up the 100 feet of dynamic head lost by breeching the dams. The hydro power supplied by these dams can be replaced by two nuclear plants, or a handful of natural gas plants. The barge-based shipp…

So you're saying the democrats are in favor of cutting spending and lowering taxes? Don't get me wrong, I'm real disappointed in the GOP in our state, but handing over power to the dems would be an out of the pot and into the fire kind of situation.

So we want to further congest that section of town and continue to centralize all of our schools? It would be nice to see an elementary school go in further south to accommodate the substantial number of residents that live south of town.

You must not have spent much time in any of the food processing plants around here. This is one of the best things I've seen the college do in my lifetime. I would think that we would want our educational institutions to train folks for the available jobs in the area. These are the decent jo…

This is idiotic. The problem isn't that there is parking. The problem is that the city did a crappy job with their lines. Get a clue TF city council.

desertman10 commented on A Minority View: Police Aren't Enough

The breakdown of the family unit and the absence of fathers is the root of many social ills across all demographics. Kids need both parents present.

Might as well build it. Ya'll have already wrecked the south rim as it is. What's one more eye sore in a sea of commercial sprawl?

If they're not living the standards of their religion, then they're not really adherents, are they HappyTalk?

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