Wow. I thought it was cool when Bobby Smith's dad came and talked to us about his diesel semi-truck!

I'm sure a government could put ban the expansion of certain businesses....but that seems a little on the dictator like side. We could just let businessmen decide what the market wants and go from there. Yeah, that seems like a good idea.


Workers have rights. This group, which is composed of local/regional/state people, is advocating for workers rights within small businesses. People in parks have rights as well. People, in general, don't have common sense.

You think a Mr Okelberry is from some other state? He's as Idaho as it gets! Unless of course you're speaking sarcasticly...then haha I get it. Plenty of Idahoans messing things up for the rest of us.

Sounds like these "kids" need to go to big boy jail.

Come out and say that to your neighbors, friends and coworkers. I dare you to actually speak like that in public.

Cool. The State Superintendent is cool with hanging around sexual harassers because she's at a bar and not around kids. That doesn't reflect well on your character Superintendent Ybarra. You're welcome to hang out with whoever you want to hang out with. But it comes with a cost.

Can we get Neil de Grasse Tyson to tweet about 'Ol Neil again so he can get put back on the shelf again?