Thank you to all you sports officials! The game couldn't happen without you!

Blaming this on the schools instead of the parents...that’s a “unique” approach.

Is that the CRHS head coach in the background of the picture of him as a player in 2008? Didn’t he coach at BK? That’s hilarious if that’s him.

Everyone wants good cell service but no one wants the tower...way to think things through citizens.

It’s a shame and embarrassment for the whole state that Heather Scott managed to get a bill out of committee.

“I’m not racist BUT.....” comments arriving in 3......2......1.....

Please no. Labrador is the absolute worst republican candidate. With Alqhuist or Little you’re getting Republican with out the crazy. They may be wrong on some issues but they’re not crazy. Labrador is way too extreme.

DairyAire commented on Letter: Vote Labrador for governor

Little and Alqhuist are such better options than Labrador.

Heather Scott would prefer to completely defund public education. That’s not palatable across most of the state so this is her next bet.

Also, with the exception of his neck, I have to admit I can appreciate the symmetry.