$10 says Critchfield will be running for governor when Little calls it a career.

Oh goodnight, you poor taxpayer. Had to write the paper to complain about bleacher access. How about you make a phone call to the school yourself? What a snowflake. :-)

Dirtbags like this give educators and men, in general, a bad name.

It's a joke that this even made it to the committee. Heider deserves no credit for shelving this bill. He never should have allowed it to be printed in the first place.

I hope this news hitting the area uncovers some funding from somewhere. They provide a fantastic service that our community needs!

I would hate to be as lonely as you.

Some of my fellow Times-News comment section friends are still waiting for their parents to "Opt In". I'm looking at you Lalek and Cary! Just kidding! Nothing like a juvenile joke here and there!

DairyAire commented on Obituary: Danny Crafton

It only seems appropriate to comment here. Danny, I appreciate your dedication to the community. You clearly lived a good life and made your community a better place.

It's a sad and pathetic commentary when someone has to go online to the newspaper's website and comment about how it's a sad and pathetic that people standing in line at a chain restaurant is not only news...but headline news. *drenched in sarcasm* - People enjoy what they enjoy. You can …

This should definitely be funded.

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