[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]; a little buffer from all the public art, walking trails, park signs, Shoshone Street electronic reader board, etc., etc., etc., ... all the uncontrolled, unnecessary nonsense going on in Twin Falls!


You should be so proud... (LOL)!

Here's your information, Mr. Davis,

"... they're just a bunch of "lefties" trying to put their hands in your pockets. They're "Socialists" attempting to impose collectivism on Idaho's struggling taxpayers; shady outsiders telling Idahoans what to do." There is no paraphrase needed h…

Mr. Jones,

You should be ashamed of yourself by spreading this inflammatory nonsense. You are very well aware of the fact that it is not under any circumstance the US Senate's job to call witnesses and collect evidence in an impeachment trial. It is the US House's job to collect evi…

Get real; distracted driving kills, and should be taken as seriously as driving drunk. Doing anything other than driving while driving should carry a hefty penalty.

"... Hartgen's criticism's basically boil down to the idea that taxes are bad... in sync with the beliefs of the leadership of the Legislature" is correct. This is one of the very reasons we elect the people that we do to the Idaho Legislature... because they believe that taxes are bad. T…

Oh my... the "poorest and most vulnerable" card. What's next... the race card? Save the whining victim mentality... geez!

Stephen Hartgen... a voice that speaks for the vast majority of us, and we hear from some Left Wing Looney Tune!

This article reminds me of a young, good looking black man from Illinois who never held a job in his life, was a radical Left Wing community organizer who screamed nothing substantive... only identity politics, was elected as a Junior Senator from Illinois by way of his identity politics,…

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