Where is the money coming from again? And what is the total cost?

I'm not really sure what rights women don't have. Also if you want to resist against Trump and his policies ok. But then again the south resisted too, and it wasn't over slavery. It was taxation. So can we build you a statue then tear it down because you resisted? I think your just blowing w…

Can we have a least one story without someone being called a racist please. Can someone also give me the year and congressional congress said this was racially motivated or is this just someone's opinion. Was a good article until you stared playing the good ole race card.

Your just spreading lies to sell your paper. Shows how unAmerican you are. But your proud of that too.

And your confused totally.

Give me a break. Bulling has and always be part of life. Get out in the business world. And you don't want to stereotype either. Well if some one breaks into your house just tell the police it was a person. Anything else is stereotyping. Take your bleeding heart somewhere else.

Plain stupid. Who are theses whatever's being threatened by. White , brown, black, boys girls. Who! I'd bet there is more lies than truth going on. They chose to be different. Now want symphony for it. Just wanting attention.

If they are guilty and it looks like they are. They should hang. And not after 20 years of appeals. They do deserve to die. It's time a message is sent to these kinda people.

What crime doesn't have to do with hate. The term "hate crime" is just another stupid Lib saying.

Yuck! Yuck! And more Yuck!

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