[angry] It sure seems like Idaho legislators should be smart enough to figure out how to make this level of animal cruelty a FELONY without endangering farmers' and ranchers' livelihoods. Misdemeanor, for this level of cruelty??? Sick and totally disgusting. [censored]

[thumbup] I think this is wonderful! No better time to teach multiple languages. I've long thought it was a disgrace that citizens of other countries are multi lingual, whereas most Americans speak only English. Kudos to Jerome!

deuce, How many of these dead diplomats sent 600 requests that were ignored to the Sec of State for additional security?

I was pleased that Idaho's votes would finally have national significance. With the old May primary, the nomination was pretty much decided long before we got to vote. But I am deeply disturbed by the exclusionary nature of a caucus. My husband never missed the primary election because he co…

From 16,000 to 2,000? I'd say that's a lot of elk that have been ate up. How come no one feels sorry for the elk?

"This year, Twin Falls expects parking revenue to total $64,100 — just enough to cover its budgeted expenses to police and maintain the meters."

Why should this even be a big decision? Parking meters should GO!

I urge all horse lovers to read this article:

It is an extremely well-researched article about how the slaughter ban has backfired.

Think of the potential lives saved today. The one thing certain about the death penalty is that there is no longer any threat of the conviction and sentence being overturned. In that respect, I will rest better knowing that this man will not end up back on the streets.

Thank you Times News for including the map. After spending more than half my life in the Twin Falls area, I no longer know where anything is due to the street name-changes.

Heck, I'm very conservative, yet I support the use of marijuana for medical purposes. I hope our local lawmakers support Senator Trail's proposed legislation.

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