Andre Leonard

"They are subjected to a lifetime of domestic servitude and rape," she said. "And the government is not only complicit; they're stamping this and saying: Go ahead."

Nothing really new here. The government has allowed this for a very long time. Some men are incapable…

“I think it’s better if I leave the environment for a bit,” he said. “I really like this job. I feel sad about not continuing.” I'd like to thank Mr. Kramer foe serving and it's okay to be leaving government service. Government needs fresh new ideas and change to function best.

I remember when the city council sold out to the developers the 1st time. Citizens gathered and told them all the traffic on Fillmore would make for congestion and destroy the quality of life for residents living in the area of Costco and 3 C's. They approved it anyway and now everyone suff…

Sadly it seems there is always an 'enabler' who does not believe or refuses to listen in these abuse cases. I hope the State Board moves quickly on this one.

Sadly as we see here, there is no 'known' cure or treatment for pedophilia.

"Bowman’s girlfriend said the abuse started after she was upset with Bowman because he doesn’t work or help with anything around the house."

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this woman obviously could/should do better in making dating selections. Let's hope he get…

" Employees from the company where Garcia worked identified Garcia from a photo lineup."

Probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Too many 'plea-bargains' and not enough jail time. Probation in this case is a miscarriage of justice.

" Kinner’s team of Ada County public defenders."

How about having Kinner's family pay for his legal team?

“We’re on the interstate, and they've got this stupid blockade going, and they've got people flying down on the left-hand lane that’s closed,” Jenni Berringer told an Ada County dispatcher, Sowell reported. “This is an accident waiting to happen. We've almost gotten hit three times.”