Andre Leonard

"TWIN FALLS — A woman charged with 21 counts of forgery is hoping for a deal." She certainly has come to the right place. I'm sure she can walk away with a suspended sentence.

"The girl, now 11, admitted she has difficulty remembering some of the events of that night, which Willmore affirmed during his re-direct questioning." Sadly this occurs far too often to kids who suffer greatly. Let's hope that upon conviction this couple gets some serious prison time (no…

"The 332-95 vote showcased the stark divide among Democrats, who split over the vote to kill the impeachment measure." Nice attempt at unseating a sitting president that failed as it should. There will be an election next year to either keep or replace this sitting president.

"If convicted on the felony charges, Samson could face up to 30 years in prison on the assault charge, which includes an enhanced penalty because a deadly weapon was used. Fines of up to $50,000 are possible, with a potential civil penalty of $5,000. For the possession charge, the maximum…

Boise and surrounding areas are all experiencing the same surge in new-comers from states like California which drives up demand and with it home prices.

Sounds like an extraordinary opportunity and a great idea. Let's hope the county commissioners and our legislature can rally around this too.

"Butler was cited for failing to yield." I'm almost to the point where I'm afraid to drive anymore.

Seems the existing law is more than adequate. Yet the fines and jail sentences for operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance are rarely levied often even dismissed when defendants are sentenced by the courts.

Sadly we read everyday of people convicted of serious crimes being given, probation, suspended sentences and all sorts of back-room 'plea bargaining' I'm hoping this does not happen again and that he receive the maximum penalty prescribed by law.

Usually where there is smoke, there is fire. Seems that in this case there is alot of nothing. Good to see Chief Kingsbury and Brian Pike are on top of things here. As usual.

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