Its a loss. E. Scott was a straight shooter and a decent human being. Which is all that can be said for any of us. Condolences to his wife.

Just making shaming illegal only goes part of the way to solve the problem when one out of four kids lisves in poverty. People are this country's greatest resource.

Probably should read the Mueller report that describes unbelievably despicable behavior by a Campaign that certainly sought to collude, expected to benefit by russian intervention and lied and lied and lied. Gusnar was convicted of Murder and Manslaughter.

It has Trump in the title.


Reminding an irresponsible mother that she is abdicating her role every time she uses or exposes her loved ones to this is far and away different from requiring a DUI offender to wear a sign, which probably is also a good idea. Either way good on ya Judge

You should probably read the. report. It's really nothing like you describe.

Well said.

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