May 16, 2015: Tiffani Streling and her new boyfriend James McLaws retrieve her belongings from her father’s house so she can move in with McLaws. They find Tiffani’s ex-boyfriend and her deceased baby’s father, Jordan Defilippis, hiding in the closet. After a confrontation between McLaws and Defilippis at a boat dock near Bedke Boulevard, Tiffany, who was at McLaws’ home, is not heard from again.

May 17: McLaws reports Streling missing at the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office.

May 23: Defilippis and another person report finding Streling’s clothes at “the tree” in Heyburn. The clothes are given to a private investigator hired by the family and they are given to the sheriff’s office.

May 24: A search by law enforcement, family and friends are held at the tree where her clothing was supposedly discovered, but nothing is found. McLaws has dinner at Tiffani’s mother, Melissa Belt’s, house where the family questions him on his confrontation with Defilippis and Tiffani’s disappearance.

June 2: William Streling and Stephanie Albert, Tiffani’s stepmother, offer a $5,000 reward for information on their daughter’s whereabouts.

June 6: William Streling and Albert organize a search in Twin Falls.

June 10: William Streling and Albert begin raising funds for future searches. They begin selling shirts that say “Bring Tiffani home.”

June 30: Dave Haley, former attorney for McLaws, says his client is a “person of interest” in Streling’s disappearance because he was the last person to see her.

July 6: McLaws, serving probation for unrelated charges, takes off his ankle monitor and flees to Twin Falls. He hits a car, jumps out and runs from police but is later found. He is arrested and admits to smoking marijuana and methamphetamine.

Dec. 16: Family holds a candle light vigil in Burley for Tiffani.

May 3, 2016: McLaws is sentenced in Twin Falls to 4-15 years in prison for possession of a controlled substance.

May 10: McLaws is sentenced during a probation violation status hearing in Cassia County to 2-4 years in prison for possession of a controlled substance.

May 14: Tiffani’s family holds a candle light vigil at Lex Kunau Park.

May 13, 2017: Family and friends gather at Lex Kunau Park to remember Tiffani.

May 16, 2017: Two year anniversary of Tiffani’s disappearance.

Nov 17, 2017: Human remains are found in a rural part of Jerome County

Nov. 27, 2017: Jerome County Sheriff Doug McFall confirms that the remains found in Jerome County were Tiffani Streling.


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