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Football - Blackfoot Vs. Minico

Minico's Peyton Bailey carries the ball against Blackfoot Friday night, Oct. 30, 2015, at Minico High School in Rupert.

Offensive Player of the Year

Peyton Bailey, MHS

Defensive Player of the Year 

Dallin Hatch, TFHS 

Coach of the Year 

Allyn Reynolds, Twin Falls 


Quarterback: 1. Alec Nordsieck, WRHS; 1. Zach Malina, TFHS. 

Running Back: 1. Efrain Contreras, TFHS; 1. Garret Karl, TFHS; 2. Beau Phipps, Burley; 2. Austyn Galbreath, CRHS.

Wide Receiver: 1. Isaac Martinez, CRHS; 1. Logan Geist, JHS; 2. Payton Biermann, MHS; 2. Mason Farr, TFHS

Tight End: 1. Ben Belloti, TFHS; 1. Gunner Gibson, WHRS; 2. Drew Schwarz, CRHS; Joey Lenker, JHS. 

Offensive Line: 1. Landon Hatch, TFHS; 1. Jens Blackman, WHRS; 1. Ethan Rovig, TFHS; 1. Kole Bailey, TFHS; Pedro Villicana, MHS; 2. Kaleb Fife, MHS; 2. Michael Easterling, CHRS; 2. Jakob Palmer, JHS; 2. Lucio Carrilo, JHS; 2. Caden Seely, BHS.


Defensive Line: 1. Trenton Chandler, MHS; Evan Allen, TFHS; 1. Hans Heaphy, WHRS; 1. Skylar Baecht, CHRS; 2. Brandon Bagley, BHS; 2. Clay Miller, JHS; Jakob Palmer, JHS; Chancy Bott, MHS.

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Outside Linebacker: 1. Drew Schwarz, CRHS; 2. Travis Swanson, WRHS; 2. Casey Hoggarth, TFHS; Jacob Bulotti, WRHS.

Inside Linebacker: 1. Jubal Toothman, WRHS; 1. Boe Boston, MHS; 2. Jordan Otten, CRHS; 2. Jose Sandoval, TFHS: 

Defensive Back:1. Owen Gifford, WRHS; 1. David Gibbons, BHS; 1. Kade Crystal, MHS; Austyn Galbreath, CHRS; 1. Ryan Nolan, TFHS; 2. Emilio Polanco, BHS; 2. Winston Sanchez, JHS; 2. Tristen Dunahoo, MHS.

Special Teams 

Punter: 1. Hayden Cowden, TFHS; 2. Brandon Bagley, BHS.

Placekicker: 1. Hayden Cowden, TFHS; 2. Jared March, CRHS. 

Return Specialist: Chase Chandler, MHS; 2. Garret Karl, TFHS

Honorable Mentions: Victor Castro, BHS; Alec Christiansen, BHS; Michael Dayley, BHS; Austin Hobbs, BHS; Giovanni Mahoney, BHS; Jorge Rodriguez, BHS; Terrell Schaeffer, BHS; Luke Stowers, BHS; Kadun Allen, CRHS; Skylar Baecht, CRHS; Keegan Barton, CRHS; Austin Barber, CRHS; Dallyn Bauman, CRHS; Nicos Cantu, CRHS; Connor Cassidy, CRHS; Dallyn Powlus, CRHS; Austin Bell, JHS; Gavin Rice, JHS; Zach Borrayo, JHS;  Michael Arndt, JHS; Justen Dally, JHS; Anfernie Olmos, JHS; Jeremy Scruggs, JHS; Brandon Williams, MHS; Eric Garcia, TFHS; Dayton Harshbarger, TFHS; Parker Henry, TFHS; RJ Scovel, TFHS; Bryson Wolters, TFHS; Nic Salinas, TFHS; Chris Lentz, WRHS; Wyatt Johnson, WRHS; Taylor Koth, WRHS; DJ MCMurdo, WRHS; Zach Nelson, WRHS; Jeron Peavey, WRHS. 

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