Local roundup
Local roundup

Local roundup

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District VI High School Rodeo State Qualifiers

June 13-20 Pocatello, Idaho

(District VI – Buhl (BL), Burley (B), Castleford (C), Declo (D), Eureka, NV (E), Filer (F), Hansen (HS), Heyburn (H), Kimberly (K), Minico (M), Murtaugh (MT), New Plymouth (NP), Oakley (O), Raft River (RR), Ruby Valley, NV (RV), Rupert (R), Spring Creek, NV (S), Twin Falls (TF), Wells, NV (W)

Girls All-Around: Jetta Bott, (R)

Boys All-Around: Jett VanBiezen, (F)

Reserve girls: Haven Jones, (F)

Reserve boys: Brey Yore (M)

Rookie Girl: Sophie Berlin, (O)

Rookie Boy: Lucas Cruz, (M)

District VI Queen: Ashlyn Hill (D)

1st Attendant: Stephanie Case (K)

Barrel racing: 1. Haven Jones, (F); 2. Brinn Bowman, (F); 3. Jetta Bott, (R); 4. Tandee Cutler, (O); 5. Breyana Miller-Dubray, (E); 6. Sophie Berlin, (O).

Breakaway roping: 1. (tie) Sidney Nielson, (TF), and Pacelyn Stroud, (M): 3. Haven Jones, (F); 4. Taylor Seaweard, (NP); 5. Breyana Miller-Dubray, (E); 6. Jetta Bott, (R).

Goat tying: 1. Taylor Seaweard, (NP); 2. Jetta Bott, (R); 3. Haven Jones, (F); 4. Sophie Berlin, (O); 5. Aron-Shayne Warr, (O); 6. Breyana Miller-Dubray, (E).

Pole bending: 1. Ashyln Hill, (D); 2. Brinn Bowman, (F); 3. Tandee Cutler, (O); 4. Breyana Miller-Dubray, (E); 5. Madison Jones, (D); 6. Sidney Nielson, (TF).

Bareback riding: 1. Ethan Southern, (RR).

Bull riding: 1. Jeb Ireland, (K); 2. Vernon Adams, (TF); 3. Cruz Huizar, (HS); 4. Wesley Pearson, (BL); 5. Jaxson Michel, (M).

Saddle bronc: 1. Dixon Fehlman, (RR); 2. Wyatt Lyman, (H).

Steer wrestling: 1. Michael Nannini, (K); 2. Jett VanBiezen, (F); 3. Brey Yore, (M); 4. Aaron Champneys, (K).

Tie down roping: 1. Brey Yore, (M); 2. Jett VanBiezen, (F); 3. Aaron Champneys, (K); 4. Lucas Cruz, (M); 5. (tie) Ryn Severe, (O), and Clay Stapelman, (M).

Team roping: 1. Jetta Bott(R)/Cody Rowley(S); 2. Jett Vanbiezen(F)/Ryn Severe(O); 3. Dawson Cummins (MT) /Jackson Cummins (MT); 4. Haven Jones (F)/Aaron Champneys (K); 5. Kashli Stouard (S)/Clay Stapelman(M); 6. (tie) Zoie Bedke(O)/Brey Yore(M) and Michael Nannini(K)/Will Nannini(K).

Reined cow horse: 1. Sidney Nielson, (TF); 2. Ryn Severe, (O); 3. Agustina Guiarte, (D); 4. Aron-Shayne Warr, (O); 5. Will Brackett, (C).

Boys cutting: 1. Ryn Severe, (O); 2. Jett VanBiezen, (F); 3. (tie) Karsen Parke, (RR), and Joe Zebarth, (K); 5. Brey Yore, (M); 6. Will Brackett, (C).

Girl cutting: 1. Breyana Miller-Dubray, (E); 2. Aubrey Durant, (W).


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