Local roundup: Setoki's putback lifts Murtaugh

Local roundup: Setoki's putback lifts Murtaugh

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Boys basketball

Murtaugh 58, Glenns Ferry 57: MURTAUGH — Senior Kolby McClure sparked the Red Devils with 33 points while fellow senior Kade Setoki added nine points and 14 rebounds in the win over the Pilots. One of those rebounds for Setoki came with about 20 seconds remaining in the game as he pulled the ball down and scored on a put back for the game winner. Glenns Ferry senior Kody Henslee matched McClure for game-high honors with 33 points and junior Bradley Christensen had 10.

“Our two seniors, McClure and Setoki led our team tonight and fought really hard for the win,” said Murtaugh assistant coach Matt Miler.

Glenns Ferry will face Shoshone on Monday at 7:30 p.m. in Murtaugh in the 1AD1 district tournament. Murtaugh (12-9, 4-4) will play Dietrich on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in Shoshone in the 1AD2 district tournament.

Camas County 72, Richfield 42: RICHFIELD — The Mushers had four players finishing in double figures in the road win over the Tigers. Senior Colby Thompson, sophomore Dawson Kramer and sophomore Breken Clarke each had 17 points and senior Trey Smith tossed in 16. Freshman Clay Kent was the leading scorer for Richfield with 14 points followed by freshman Carsn Perkes with 12. Camas County (15-4, 8-2) will either play Hansen or Hagerman (winner of play-in game) at 7:30 p.m. and Richfield (9-11, 4-5) faces Carey at 6 p.m. in the 1AD2 district tournament in Shoshone on Tuesday.

Camas County 72, Richfield 42

Camas County 13 19 22 18 - 72

Richfield 5 19 14 4 - 42


Dawson Kramer 17, Alex Robles 2, Breken Clarke 17, Trey Smith 16, Marcus Quinonez 2, Colby Thompson 17, Xyler Niehay 1


Racin Allen 1, Luke Dalton 6, Clay Kent 14, Hudsun Lucero 9, Carsn Perkes 12

Girls basketball Class 4A District IV tournament

Century 52, Burley 31: POCATELLO — The Diamondbacks took home the Class 4A District IV title with the win and clinched the top seed in the district for next week’s state tournament. Burley is the second seed at state and will play at 6:15 p.m. on Thursday at Timberline High School.

Preston 66, Jerome 60: PRESTON — For the second straight game, the Indians ended one of the Magic Valley’s teams from the District IV tournament. Preston clinched the third seed and will play in a state play-in game Saturday while Jerome finished the season 16-9.

Class 1A Division I play-in

Butte County 55, Valley 28: AMERICAN FALLS — Butte County ended Valley’s season, as well as their shot at Saturday’s state play-in game. Valley finished the season with a record of 12-13.

Wrestling Wood River, Gooding, Valley @Wendell

Wendell 30, Gooding 23: 98: Double Forfeit: 106: Wyatt Flick (Wendell) over (Gooding), Forfeit:113: Matt Dahl (Wendell) over (Gooding), Forfeit: 120: Elliot Thompson (Wen-dell) over (Gooding), Forfeit: 126: Alex Hernandez (Gooding) over Evan Haddad (Wendell) (Fall 3:57): 132: Double Forfeit: 138: Wes Shaw (Gooding) over (Wendell), Forfeit: 145: Double Forfeit: 152: Tayten Gillette (Gooding) over Jared Hess (Wendell) (TF 17-2 4:20): 160: Double Forfeit: 170: Kolby Sutton (Wendell) over Seth Scott (Gooding) (Fall 1:31): 182: Remington Winmill (Wendell) over (Gooding), Forfeit: 195: Double Forfeit: 220: Elijah Williams (Gooding) over (Wendell), Forfeit: 285: Double Forfeit

Gooding 29, Wood River 18: 98: Grant Green (Wood River) over (Gooding), Forfeit: 106: Jacob Drummond (Wood River) over (Gooding), Forfeit: 113: Double Forfeit: 120: Double Forfeit:126: Alex Hernandez (Gooding) over Michael Hurd (Wood River) (TF 18-2 6:00):132: Double Forfeit: 138: Wes Shaw (Gooding) over (Wood River), Forfeit: 145: Conner May (Wood River) over (Gooding), Forfeit:152: Tayten Gillette (Gooding) over (Wood River), Forfeit:160: Seth Scott (Gooding) over Daniel Servin (Wood River) (Fall 2:22): 170: Double Forfeit: 182: Double Forfeit: 195: Double Forfeit: 220: Elijah Williams (Gooding) over Sawyer Newhouse (Wood River) (Fall 0:20): 285: Double Forfeit

Wendell 12, Wood River 3: 106: Jacob Drummond (WORI) over Wyatt Flick (WEND) (Dec 10-8):120: Elliot Thompson (WEND) over Michael Hurd (WORI) (Fall 3:38):160:160: Jared Hess (WEND) over Daniel Servin (WORI) (Fall 0:56)

Buhl, Declo @ Kimberly

Buhl 52, Declo 36: 98: Damian Craner (Buhl) over Coy Worthington (Declo) (Fall 0:44): 106: Mar-shall Mortensen (Buhl) over (Declo), Forfeit: 113: Kade Orr (Buhl) over (Declo), Forfeit: 120: Julian Ruiz (Buhl) over Jon Anderson (Declo) (MD 13-2): 126: Chance Bennett (Buhl) over Sam Phillips (Declo) (Fall 4:52): 132: Jayce Bower (Buhl) over Nathan Gerratt (Declo) (Fall 1:22): 138: Alan Jaramillo (Buhl) over Alex Mazur (Declo) (Fall 0:34): 145: Ismael Salas (Buhl) over Case Durfee (Declo) (Fall 0:48): 152: David Tennant (Buhl) over Presley Fullmer (Declo) (Fall 0:51): 160: Derek Matthews (Declo) over Jordan Ruiz (Buhl) (Fall 0:25): 170: AJ Lyda (Declo) over Tate Douglas (Buhl) (Fall 1:10): 182: Braden Darrington (Declo) over Demetrio Canchola (Buhl) (Fall 0:50): 195: Miguel Juarez (Declo) over Jacob Gardner (Buhl) (Fall 1:21): 220: Dawson Osterhout (Declo) over (Buhl), Forfeit: 285: Peyton Thompson (Declo) over Moises Salazar (Buhl) (Fall 1:49)

Buhl 51, Kimberly 36: 98: Dallin Walters (Kimberly) over Marshall Mortensen (Buhl) (Fall 4:03): 106: Edgar Sanchez (Buhl) over Carson Stanger (Kimberly) (Fall 0:18): 113: Kade Orr (Buhl) over (Kimberly), Forfeit: 120: Jonah Bacon (Kimberly) over Julian Ruiz (Buhl) (Fall 1:21): 126: Chance Bennett (Buhl) over Preston Shaw (Kimberly) (Fall 1:34): 132: Jayce Bower (Buhl) over (Kimberly), Forfeit: 138: Alan Jaramillo (Buhl) over Gage Carter (Kimberly) (Fall 1:36): 145: Ethan Coy (Kimberly) over Ismael Salas (Buhl) (Fall 2:49): 152: David Tennant (Buhl) over Travis Erickson (Kimberly) (Dec 7-1): 160: Trace Mayo (Kimberly) over Jordan Ruiz (Buhl) (Fall 0:53): 170: Broddey Cunningham (Kimberly) over Tate Douglas (Buhl) (Fall 1:15): 182: Demetrio Canchola (Buhl) over (Kimberly), Forfeit: 195: Zach Gunnell (Kimberly) over Jacob Gardner (Buhl) (Fall 1:14): 220: Reese Jarvis (Buhl) over (Kimberly), Forfeit: 285: Moises Salazar (Buhl) over (Kimberly), Forfeit

Declo 42, Kimberly 38: 98: Dallin Walters (KIMB) over Coy Worthington (DECL) (Fall 0:19):106: Carson Stanger (KIMB) over (DECL), Forfeit: 113: Double Forfeit: 120: Jonah Bacon (KIMB) over (DECL), Forfeit:126: Sam Phillips (DECL) over Preston Shaw (KIMB) (Fall 3:00):132: Nathan Gerratt (DECL) over (KIMB), Forfeit:138: Gage Carter (KIMB) over Alex Mazur (DECL) (Fall 2:51):145: Ethan Coy (KIMB) over Case Durfee (DECL) (TF 15-0 5:38):152: Presley Fullmer (DECL) over Travis Erickson (KIMB) (Fall 5:26):160: Derek Matthews (DECL) over Trace Mayo (KIMB) (Fall 1:59):170: Broddey Cunningham (KIMB) over AJ Lyda (DECL) (Fall 0:42):182: Braden Darrington (DECL) over (KIMB), Forfeit:195: Zach Gunnell (KIMB) over Miguel Juarez (DECL) (Dec 14-10):220: Dawson Osterhout (DECL) over (KIMB), Forfeit:285: Peyton Thompson (DECL) over (KIMB), Forfeit

Raft River, Filer, Glenns Ferry, Nampa Christian @ Glenns Ferry

Filer 30, Raft River 21.0: 98: Double forfeit: 106: Double forfeit: 113: Lauren Henderhan (FILE) over (RARI), Forfeit: 120: Dylan Curry (FILE) over (RARI), Forfeit: 126: Double forfeit:132: Double forfeit: 138: Jaimen Swainston (FILE) over (RARI), Forfeit:145: Elliot Pastoor (FILE) over Brodey Ottley (RARI) (Fall 4:00):152: Jarrod Coach (FILE) over (RARI), Forfeit:160: Double forfeit: 170: Carson Durfee (RARI) over (FILE), Forfeit:182: Denzil Lloyd (RARI) over Owenn Meyer (FILE) (Fall 4:29): 195: Double forfeit:220: Joey McKay (FILE) over (RARI), Forfeit:285: Davin Jones (RARI) over (FILE), Forfeit

Nampa Christian 34, Filer 33: 98: Double Forfeit:106: Double Forfeit:113: Lauren Henderhan (FILE) over (NACH), Forfeit:120: Dylan Curry (FILE) over (NACH), Forfeit:126: Double For-feit:132: Zane Dalton (NACH) over (FILE), Forfeit:138: Jaimen Swainston (FILE) over Daniel Thompson (NACH) (TF 15-0 4:50): 145: Titus Carson (NACH) over Elliot Pastoor (FILE) (MD 11-3):152: Jarrod Coach (FILE) over Trey Stokes (NACH) (MD 16-2):160: Ethan Pearson (NACH) over (FILE), Forfeit:170: Cody Greentree (NACH) over (FILE), Forfeit:182: Owenn Meyer (FILE) over Matt Tiersma (NACH) (Fall 1:16):195: Reggie Lucarelli (NACH) over (FILE), Forfeit:220: Joey McKay (FILE) over Zach West (NACH) (Fall 2:22):285: Gabe Bowlin (NACH) over (FILE), Forfeit

Filer 42, Glenns Ferry 18: 98: Double Forfeit:106: Double Forfeit:113: Lauren Henderhan (FILE) over (GLFE), Forfeit:120: Dylan Curry (FILE) over (GLFE), Forfeit: 126: Braden Chaf-in (GLFE) over (FILE), Forfeit:132: Double Forfeit:138: Jaimen Swainston (FILE) over (GLFE), Forfeit:145: Elliot Pastoor (FILE) over (GLFE), Forfeit: 152: Jarrod Coach (FILE) over (GLFE), Forfeit:160: Wyatt Castagneto (GLFE) over (FILE), Forfeit:170: Patrick McKean (GLFE) over over (FILE), Forfeit:182: Owenn Meyer (FILE) over Patrick McKean (GLFE) (Fall 0:12):195: Double Forfeit: 220: Joey McKay (FILE) over (GLFE), Forfeit: 285: Double Forfeit

Men’s basketball

CSI 110, Colorado Northwestern 83: CSI had an efficient offensive game, shooting 60% from the field and 48% from three point range. Mike Hood scored 26 points, including 5-of-8 three-pointers, and Stevie Smith and Maurice Barnett each added 18 points.

Women’s basketball

CSI 93, Colorado Northwestern 42: The Golden Eagles rolled to a road win. Taylia Stimpson scored 20 points, Macie Knapp had 17, Petra Farkas had 13, and Jalen Callender scored 10.


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