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Girls basketball

Castleford 45, Richfield 41

RICHFIELD — Behind four players in double figures, No. 9-seed Castleford defeated No. 8-seed Richfield in the Sawtooth District tournament play-in game, earning its first win of the season at a crucial time.

Senior Maddy March and junior Sydney Schoth were the leading scorers for the Wolves with 11 points and sophomores Zailee Paulson and Aubrey Mahannah each had 10. The top scorer for the game was Richfield junior Kyndyl Allen with 17 points.

“We were in control for most of three quarters and we maintained the lead,” said Richfield coach Buck Hendren. ”We made some mistakes late in the third and got behind. They shot 14 free throws in the fourth quarter and made nine. We rallied back but too late.”

Richfield lead at the break, 18-11, and Castleford won the second half, 34–23.

Castleford (1-19) will face No.1-seed Carey at Shoshone on Friday in the opening game of the Sawtooth District Tournament. Richfield finishes the season at 4-17.

Mountain Home 52, Twin Falls 40

MOUNTAIN HOME — Behind 22 points by senior Adrie Blanksma, No. 3-seed Mountain Home handed No. 6-seed Twin Falls an opening loss in the Great Basin District tournament.

For the Bruins, senior Gracie Mumford and sophomore Paige Beem each had nine points and junior Morgan Cargile and sophomore Brinley Iverson finished with eight. Mountain Home (17-4) travels to Rupert on Saturday to face No. 2-seed Minico at 7 pm. Twin Falls (8-13) hosts No. 7-seed Burley at 7pm also on Saturday in a loser-out game.

Preston 46, Jerome 37

PRESTON — The fifth-seeded Tigers fell short of No. 4-seed Preston in the district tournament. No other details were available.

Jerome (8-13) will face Pocatello on the consolation side of the bracket on Saturday.

Oakley 27, Glenns Ferry 22

MURTAUGH — The Hornets kept their season going by defeating the Pilots on Thursday.

Oakley led, 13-6 at halftime, but the Pilots made a push in the second half to keep it close, Hornets head coach Mark Mace said. However, Oakley was able to hold Glenns Ferry off.

“I’m happy for the girls,” Mace said. “We made some mistakes but we’re looking forward to playing another game.”

Oakley junior Keely Cranney led the Hornets with 13 points. The Hornets will take on Raft River at CSI on Monday.

Oakley (5-17) Glenns Ferry (9-13)

Valley 57, Raft River 35

MURTAUGH — Valley had a senior and three sophomores lead the No. 2-seed Vikings into the championship game of the Snake River District tournament by virtue of beating No. 4-seed Raft River. The Vikings (12-9) will face No. 1-seed Shoshone at 7:30 pm at the College of Southern Idaho on Monday. Sophomore Bailey Stephens finished with a game-high 15 points, senior Katie Johnson added 14, sophomore Makenna Kohtz chipped in 11 and sophomore Railey Hodges posted 10.

“It was a tough game,” said Valley coach Jamie Kohtz. “It was a good defensive effort by the girls.”

Valley held a 10-point lead at the half, 26-16, and added 33 points in the second half and Raft River scored 19. Senior Audah Jones was the Trojans leading scorer with 11.

Raft River (10-12) will play Oakley in a loser-out game at 6 pm also at CSI on Monday.

Boys basketball

Wendell 57, Hagerman 43

HAGERMAN — The contest was tied at halftime, but a huge third quarter for Wendell pushed the Trojans past the Pirates.

“We had a good third quarter and started to get a little separation,” Wendell head coach AJ Kelsey said. “We answered the call.”

It was 20-20 after two quarters, but Wendell went on a 23-11 run in the third, then followed it with a 14-8 run in the fourth to see the game out.

Sophomores Zane Kelsey and Joe DeMasters each scored 10 points for the Trojans. Junior Bryant Osborne led Hagerman with 20 and fellow junior AB Salas added 16.

Wendell (7-11) hosts Castleford on Friday. Hagerman (4-14) is at Castleford on Monday.

Lighthouse Christian 47, Watersprings 40

TWIN FALLS — Three Lighthouse Christian juniors supplied the fire power for the Lions in the non-conference win over Watersprings. Tyler Munsee was the top scorer for the Lions with 17 points, followed by Casper Block with 14, while Peyton Lookingbill tossed in11. Landon Bowman from Watersprings put up a game-high 22 points. Lighthouse Christian trailed at the half, 18-14, but outscored Watersprings, 33-24, the second half.

“They did some very good game planning for us,” said Lighthouse Christian coach Tony Standlee. “They did their best to hold the ball and make us play defense. It took us a few quarters to get going defensively and fight back into it. We came together as a team and took a big step towards toughening up even more.”

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Lighthouse Christian (19-0) hosts Dietrich on Friday.

Hansen 74, Castleford 28

HANSEN — Behind 26 points from sophomore Jonathan Camarillo and 23 points from senior Paxton Stimpson, the Huskies crushed Castleford.

Freshman Eric Taylor led the Wolves with nine points, as Hansen went up, 40-17, at halftime, and a 20-5 run in the third made it 60-22 entering the final quarter, where Hansen outscored Castleford, 12-6.

Castleford (6-12) plays at Wendell on Friday. Hansen (7-12) plays at Richfield on Monday.


Fruitland 45, Buhl 33

98: Teo Sanchez (B) over Brady Skeen (F) (Fall 0:44); 106: Devin Rowland (Bl) won by forfeit; 113: Miguel Medrano (F) over Chance Bennett (B) (Dec 6-2); 120: Wesley Pearson (B) over Harley Skelly (F) (Dec 7-4); 126: Kaden Smith (F) over Chase Price (B) (Fall 1:38); 132: Brandon Stowe (F) won by forfeit; 138: Adam Mings (B) over Dalton Arnzen (F) (Dec 2-1); 145: Corey Eckhart (F) over David Tennant (B) (Fall 0:37); 152: Diego Carbajal (F) won by forfeit; 160: Anibal Barragan (B) over Skyler MacKenzie (F) (Dec 6-1); 170: Samuel Sullivan (B) over Nick Nunez (F) (Fall 1:58); 182: Jordan Ruiz (B) over Mark Chruch (F) (Fall 1:21); 195: Jonathon Fagen (F) over AJ Dominguez (B) (Fall 3:01); 220: Brisyn Cutburth(F) won by forfeit; 285: Ty Bahem (F) won by forfeit.

Fruitland 56, Kimberly 36

98: Brady Skeen (F) won by forfeit; 106: Miguel Medrano (Fruitland) over Jared Hanchey (Kimberly) (Fall 0:44); 113: Harley Skelly (F) over Brogan Leckenby (K) (Fall 0:56); 120: Jonah Bacon (K) over Kaden Smith (F) (Fall 3:33); 126: Ray Florez (F) over Jesus Hernandez (K) (Fall 2:16); 132: Ethan Coy (K) over Brandon Stowe (F) (Fall 1:43); 138: Dalton Arnzen (F) won by forfeit; 145: Corey Eckhart (F) over Riley Hallett (K) (SV-1 4-2); 152: Michael Coy (K) over Diego Carbajal (F) (Fall 1:29); 160: Trace Mayo (K) over Skyler MacKenzie (F) (Fall 5:55); 170: Broddey Cunningham (K) over Nick Nunez (F) (Fall 1:53); 182: Hunter O`Berg (K) won by forfeit; 195: Jonathon Fagen (F) over McCall Hopkins (K) (Fall 1:32); 220: Brisyn Cutburth (F) over Zach Gunnell (K) (Fall 1:37); 285: Ty Bahem (F) won by forfeit.

Weiser 57, Kimberly 25

98: Jace Buescher (W) won by forfeit; 106: Mason Strong (W) over Jared Hanchey (K) (Fall 1:16); 113: Conor Marsh (W) over Brogan Leckenby (K) (Fall 1:28); 120: Jonah Bacon (K) over Rafael Delgadillo (W) (Fall 1:16); 126: Kooper vonBrethorst (W) over Jesus Hernandez (K) (Fall 5:25); 132: Sylais York (W) over Ethan Coy (K) (Fall 4:00); 138: Robert Sudderth (W) won by forfeit; 145: Riley Hallett (K) over Matthew Morris (W) (Dec 5-0); 152: Brody vonBrethorst (W) over Michael Coy (K) (Dec 8-3); 160: Trace Mayo (K) over Trae Gluch (W) (Fall 3:09); 170: Broddey Cunningham (K) over Malachi Hoobery (W) (MD 17-3); 182: Hunter O`Berg (K) over Jesse Lockett (W) (Fall 1:57); 195: Rylee Willet (W) over McCall Hopkins (K) (Fall 1:53); 220: Darrian Hoobery (W) over Zach Gunnell (K) (Fall 0:13); 285: Elijah Carter (W) won by forfeit.

Buhl 42, Parma 28

98: Teo Sanchez (B) over Kenny Forsberg (P) (Fall 1:21); 106: Devin Rowland (B) won by forfeit; 113: Chance Bennett (B) won by forfeit; 120: Wesley Pearson (B) won by forfeit; 126: Fernando Camacho (Parma) over Chase Price (Buhl) (Fall 3:58); 132: Davis Rudkin (P) won by forfeit; 138: Martin Flores (P) over David Tennant (B) (MD 16-3); 145: Adam Mings (B) over Chase Scroggins (P) (Inj. [time]); 152: Double Forfeit; 160: Dre Salinas (P) over Anibal Barragan (B) (Dec 10-5); 170: Layne Murdock (P) over Samuel Sullivan (B) (Dec 2-0); 182: Jordan Ruiz (B) over Anthony O`Leary (P) (Fall 1:19); 195: AJ Dominguez (B) over Sean Wilhite (P) (Fall 1:46); 220: Double Forfeit; 285: Junior Angeles (P) won by forfeit.

Gooding 44, Parma 33

98: Cayden Hall (G) over Kenny Forsberg (P) (Fall 0:44); 106: Double Forfeit; 113: Double Forfeit; 120: Carter McLaughlin (G) won by forfeit; 126: Fernando Camacho (P) over Alex Hernandez (G) (Fall 3:59); 132: Martin Flores (P) over Wes Shaw (G) (Fall 5:52); 138: Tayten Gillette (G) over Davis Rudkin (P) (TF 16-0 5:17); 145: Tegan Baumann (G) over Brad Pierce (P) (Fall 1:10); 152: Chase Scroggins (P) over Keith Needham (G) (Dec 11-6); 160: Dre Salinas (P) over Dale Shaw (G) (Fall 1:51); 170: Logan Anderson (G) over Layne Murdock (P) (Dec 7-1); 182: Anthony O`Leary (P) won by forfeit; 195: Sean Wilhite (P) won by forfeit; 220: Elijah Williams (G) won by forfeit;285: Jake McGinnis (G) over Antonio Godina (P) (Fall 3:07).

Weiser 48, Gooding 36

98: Cayden Hall (G) over Jace Buescher (W) (Fall 3:19); 106: Mason Strong (W) won by forfeit; 113: Conor Marsh (W) won by forfeit; 120: Carter McLaughlin (G) over Rafael Delgadillo (W) (Fall 4:49); 126: Kooper vonBrethorst (W) over Alex Hernandez (G) (Fall 1:27); 132: Wes Shaw (G) over Sylais York (W) (Dec 9-4); 138: Tayten Gillette (G) over Robert Sudderth (W) (Fall 5:27); 145: Tegan Baumann (G) over Matthew Morris (W) (Dec 11-6); 152: Brody vonBrethorst (W) over Keith Needham (G) (Fall 1:30); 160: Trae Gluch (W) over Dale Shaw (G) (Fall 1:07); 170: Logan Anderson (G) over Malachi Hoobery (W) (Fall 5:11); 182: Jesse Lockett (W) won by forfeit; 195: Rylee Willet (W) won by forfeit; 220: Darrian Hoobery (W) over Elijah Williams (G) (Fall 1:24); 285: Jake McGinnis (G) won by forfeit.

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