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Buhl 47, Filer 39 (OT)

FILER — The Indians won the Sawtooth Central Idaho Conference title by pulling away from Filer in overtime on Thursday.

The Indians, who hadn’t won a single game in conference play during the regular season, defeated Gooding in the first round, beat Filer in the second, and, despite losing to the Wildcats in the first go at the title game, Buhl was able to win it all.

“I’m so proud of the girls,” Buhl head coach Dan Hill said. “To go from where we were after we finished up regular season conference play, the amount of effort and intensity, I’m really proud of them.”

The Indians led, 27-19, entering the fourth quarter, but a 16-8 Filer push tied things up at the end of regulation. In overtime, though, Buhl outscored Filer, 12-4, to ensure victory.

Buhl senior Emily Gorrell finished with a game-high of 23 points, while senior Kyra Azevedo had 16. Filer was led by sophomore Ella Fischer, who had eight.

Filer (11-12) and Buhl (10-14) will both play at least one more game. Filer will take part in a state play-in game on Saturday, while Buhl kicks off its trip to the state tournament next Thursday.

Century 47, Minico 31

POCATELLO — The Spartans fell short in the district title game on Thursday.

It was tight after one quarter, as Century led, 11-9, but the Diamondbacks had to go on a 7-0 run to end the frame in front. Then, they blanked the Spartans in the second as part of a 23-0 overall run, and did not falter from there.

Minico trailed, 35-17, after three, but managed to outscore Century, 14-12, in the fourth quarter.

The Spartans (16-8) will turn to state tournament play, starting next Thursday.

Mountain Home 44, Preston 43

MOUNTAIN HOME — The Tigers won the consolation side of the Great Basin Conference bracket and will head to the state tournament.

Senior Adrie Blanksma hit a game-winner with eight seconds to go, while senior Jazzi Cristobal scored 20 to lead Mountain Home.

Mountain Home (19-5) begins the state tournament on Thursday.

Dietrich 38, Murtaugh 36

SHOSHONE — The Blue Devils were able to edge the Red Devils to take second place in the district and earn an automatic spot at the state tournament, while Murtaugh will have to go through a play-in game on Saturday.

Dietrich led, 10-6, after one, and 21-13 at halftime. However, Murtaugh fought back into the game, outscoring Dietrich, 23-17, in the second half, but it wasn’t quite enough to earn second place in the Sawtooth Conference tournament.

“We shot 92 percent from the line, going 11-12,” Dietrich head coach Acey Shaw said. “That saved our bacon. The free throws won the game for us.”

Dietrich senior Brianna Astle led all scorers with 18 points, while Murtaugh senior Jenna Benites had 10.

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Dietrich (19-5) will face Salmon River in the state tournament on Thursday, while Murtaugh (15-10) will head to the play-in game.


Kimberly 54, Buhl 18

106: Teo Sanchez (BUHL) over Jared Hanchey (KIMB) (Fall 0:55) 113: Kade Orr (BUHL) over Brogan Leckenby (KIMB) (Fall 1:00) 120: Jonah Bacon (KIMB) over Wesley Pearson (BUHL) (Fall 2:58) 126: Jesus Hernandez (KIMB) over (BUHL) (For.) 132: Alan Jaramillo (BUHL) over Ethan Coy (KIMB) (Fall 0:31) 138: Double Forfeit 145: Riley Hallett (KIMB) over David Tennant (BUHL) (Fall 1:29) 152: Michael Coy (KIMB) over Tate Douglas (BUHL) (Fall 0:23) 160: Trace Mayo (KIMB) over (BUHL) (For.) 170: Broddey Cunningham (KIMB) over (BUHL) (For.) 182: Hunter O`Berg (KIMB) over (BUHL) (For.) 195: Hunter Owings (KIMB) over (BUHL) (For.) 220: Zach Gunnell (KIMB) over (BUHL) (For.) 285: Double Forfeit

Declo 49, Kimberly 25

98: Double Forfeit 106: Dax Blackmon (DECL) over Jared Hanchey (KIMB) (Fall 0:00) 113: Layton Clark (DECL) over Brogan Leckenby (KIMB) (MD 15-4) 120: Jonah Bacon (KIMB) over AV Marino (DECL) (Dec 16-9) 126: Caden Crider (DECL) over Jesus Hernandez (KIMB) (Fall 1:07) 132: Ethan Coy (KIMB) over (DECL) (For.) 138: Case Durfee (DECL) over (KIMB) (For.) 145: Riley Hallett (KIMB) over Bryson Ottley (DECL) (MD 9-1) 152: Derek Matthews (DECL) over Michael Coy (KIMB) (Fall 1:54) 160: Gabe Matthews (DECL) over Trace Mayo (KIMB) (Dec 6-5) 170: Broddey Cunningham (KIMB) over Braden Darrington (DECL) (Fall 1:33) 182: Hunter O`Berg (KIMB) over Landon Fox (DECL) (Fall 0:00) 195: Mckay Breshears (DECL) over Zach Gunnell (KIMB) (Fall 2:00) 220: Dawson Osterhout (DECL) over (KIMB) (For.) 285: Cameron Knopp (DECL) over (KIMB) (For.)

Gooding 48, Wendell 18

98: Wyatt Flick (WEND) over (GOOD) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit 120: Carter McLaughlin (GOOD) over Quay Lindsay (WEND) (Fall 3:08) 126: Alex Hernandez (GOOD) over (WEND) (For.) 132: Wes Shaw (GOOD) over (WEND) (For.) 138: Tayten Gillette (GOOD) over James Hirai (WEND) (Fall 3:16) 145: Cody Shaw (GOOD) over (WEND) (For.) 152: Teegan Dunn (WEND) over Keith Needham (GOOD) (Fall 4:39) 160: Dale Shaw (GOOD) over Ethan Priebe (WEND) (Fall 0:22) 170: Logan Anderson (GOOD) over KYLER LUKESH (WEND) (Fall 0:30) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Double Forfeit 220: Ben Orozco (WEND) over Elijah Williams (GOOD) (Fall 1:10) 285: Jake McGinnis (GOOD) over (WEND) (For.)

Declo 60, Buhl 30

98: Teo Sanchez (BUHL) over (DECL) (For.) 106: Dax Blackmon (DECL) over (BUHL) (For.) 113: Kade Orr (BUHL) over Layton Clark (DECL) (Fall 2:00) 120: Wesley Pearson (BUHL) over AV Marino (DECL) (Fall 2:00) 126: Caden Crider (DECL) over (BUHL) (For.) 132: Alan Jaramillo (BUHL) over (DECL) (For.) 138: David Tennant (BUHL) over Case Durfee (DECL) (Fall 4:00) 145: Bryson Ottley (DECL) over Tate Douglas (BUHL) (Fall 0:00) 152: Derek Matthews (DECL) over Kaleb Lemmons (BUHL) (Fall 0:00) 160: Gabe Matthews (DECL) over (BUHL) (For.) 170: Braden Darrington (DECL) over (BUHL) (For.) 182: Landon Fox (DECL) over (BUHL) (For.) 195: Mckay Breshears (DECL) over (BUHL) (For.) 220: Dawson Osterhout (DECL) over (BUHL) (For.) 285: Cameron Knopp (DECL) over (BUHL) (For.)

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