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TWIN FALLS — Twin Falls High School was unfair at Wednesday’s Great Basin Conference cross country championships.

The Bruin boys won their third straight district championship, and senior Cannon Leavitt took first place in the individual ranks.

The Twin Falls girls did the boys one better. They won their fourth straight district championship, and the Bruins had the top five individual girls. Sophomore Mattalyn Geddes won the team title by a mile (not literally, but not that far off).

In head coach Marty Grindstaff’s final season as head coach, the Bruins roared into the 4A state tournament.

“It’s a good way to go out,” Grindstaff said.

Geddes finished about a minute behind her personal record with a time of 19:03.19, but in context, it was one of her best performances of the season. The second place girls finisher on Wednesday was Geddes’ senior teammate Kami Withers. Her time was 20:30.5.

Geddes is in her first season with the Bruins. She moved from Wyoming to Twin Falls this year because of her father’s work.

“I think about myself, but I also really want everybody else to catch up and do their best,” she said.

Rounding out the top five for the girls were sophomore Brinlee Garling, senior Ashley Hutchinson and senior Alyse Douglas.

Jerome senior Nicole Cook had the best result for a non-Bruin with a sixth-place finish.

Leavitt didn’t dominate the field like Geddes, but he still took first place with ease. Burley sophomore Jacob Detemple finished second, and Twin Falls senior Cache Traveller was third.

It was Leavitt’s third win in five meets this season. It’s also his second straight district title.

“Between mile one and mile 1 1/2, I think that’s when I got the separation,” he said.

This type of district dominance seems commonplace now, but it wasn’t always this way. Just three years ago, the Bruins didn’t capture a boys title.

Now, they’re a dynasty.

“It’s been really neat to see my teammates working harder and seeing the success of our work," Leavitt said. 

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The state cross country meet takes place on Saturday, Oct. 28 at Eagle Island State Park in Eagle.

Team Scores (top three qualify for state)

Boys: 1. Twin Falls 34, 2. Canyon Ridge 50, 3. Jerome 72, 4. Wood River 85, 5. Burley 124, 6. Minico 162

Girls: 1. Twin Falls 15, 2. Jerome 55, 3. Wood River 87, 4. Canyon Ridge 106, 5. Minico 152, 6. Burley INC

Individual results (top 14 qualify for state)

Boys: 1. Cannon Leavitt, TF, 16:29.3; 2. Jacob Detemple, BUR, 16:52.9; 3. Gabe Smith-Nilsen, WR, 16:53.0; 4. Cache Traveller, TF, 16:52.2; 5. Trajan Holtzen, CR, 16:53.8; 6. Koby Driscoll, JER, 16:54.0; 7. Cooper Traveller, TF, 16:54.6; 8. Mulugata Ande, CR, 17:06.2; 9. Tucker Burnham, TF, 17:09.0; 10. Ryker Holtzen, CR, 17:18.7; 11. Nathan Baecht, CR, 17:40.7; 12. David Lloyd, JER, 17:43.8; 13. Casey Harper, TF, 17:46.8; 14. George Showers, JER, 17:56.7

Girls: 1. Mattalyn Geddes, TF, 19:03.19; 2. Kami Withers, TF, 20:30.5; 3. Brinlee Garling, TF, 20:07.04; 4. Ashley Hutchinson, TF, 20:31.39; 5. Alyse Douglas, 21.16.91; 6. Nicole Cook, JER, 21:23.3; 7. Lara Maccabee, TF, 21:51.19; 8. Jaynee Yost, JER, 22:01.63; 9. Alex Rogers, WR, 22:15.54; 10. Annika Johnson, BUR, 22:23.47; 11. Sasha Leidecher, WR, 22:32.57; 12. Ashley Cook, JER, 22:49.36; 13. Hollie Maccabee, TF, 23:14.92; 14. Amaya Thomas, JER, 23:27.66

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