District VI High School Rodeo Results at Oakley,

Friday and Saturday, May 3-4 Friday, May 3 Results (District VI schools – Buhl (BL), Burley (B), Canyon Ridge (CR), Castleford (C), Declo (D), Eureka, NV (E), Filer (F), Grouse Creek, Utah (G), Hansen (HS), Heyburn (H), Kimberly (K), Minico (M), Murtaugh (MT), Oakley (O), Raft River (RR), Rupert (R), Spring Creek, NV (S), Twin Falls (TF), Wells, NV. (W)

Bareback riding: 1.Treston Southern, (RR), 63 points; 2. Ethan Southern, (RR), 50.

Barrel racing: 1. Brinn Bowman, (F), 18.097 seconds; 2. Tori Whittle, (F), 18.229; 3. Haven Jones, (F), 18.563; 4. Breyana Miller-Dubray, (E), 18.751; 5. Tandee Cutler, (O), 18.809; 6. Sidney Nielson, (TF), 18.920; 7. Zoie Bedke, (O), 19.047;8. Aubrey Durant, (C), 19.100; 9. Renee Scott, (M), 19.116; 10. Jetta Bott, (R), 19.156.

Breakaway roping: 1. Kashli Stouard, (S), 3.54 seconds; 2. Zoie Bedke, (O), 3.80; 3. Aubryn Bedke, (O), 4.66; 4. Sidney Nielson, (TF), 4.74; 5. Tandee Cutler, (O), 5.15; 6. Breyana Miller-Dubray, (E), 5.61; 7. Aron-Shayne Warr, (O), 7.33; 8. Haven Jones, (F), 12.04; 9. Ashtyn Hurd, (O), 12.59; 10. Tristynn Lloyd, (O), 13.60.

Bull riding: 1. Cutler Erickson, (RR), 53 points.. Goat tying: 1. Jesse Wadsworth, (K), 7.87 seconds; 2. Breyana Miller-Dubray, (E), 8.53; 3. Zoie Bedke, (O), 9.49; 4. Aron-Shayne Warr, (O), 10.73; 5. Grace Smith, (RR), 11.35; 6. Shae Bench, (O), 11.88; 7. Tori Whittle, (F), 12.82; 8. Kash-li Stouard, (S), 14.67; 9. Aubrey Durant, (C), 15.86; 10. Jetta Bott, (R), 16.34.

Pole bending: 1. Breyana Miller-Dubray, (E), 21.897 seconds; 2. Shae Bench, (O), 21.989; 3. Aron-Shayne Warr, (O), 22.202; 4. Tandee Cutler, (O), 22.270;5. Kashli Stouard, (S), 22.515; 6. Emma Blanthorn, TF), 22.729; 7. Jetta Bott, (R), 22.986; 8. Zoie Bedke, (O), 23.117; 9. Brinn Bowman, (F), 23.249; 10. Lane Hale, (M), 23.952.

Saddle bronc: No qualified rides.

Steer wrestling: 1. Brey Yore, (M), 7.55 seconds; 2. Aaron Champneys, (K), 10.70; 3. Jett VanBiezen, (F), 11.20.

Team roping: 1. Jett Vanbiezen(F)/Ryn Severe(O), 11.77 seconds; 2. Austin Iveson(W)/Garrett Brown(W), 11.95; 3. Jake Pulsipher(O)/Tate Cranney(O), 14.35; 4. Garet Jardine(F)/Jackson Cummins(M), 15.82 ; 5. Kashli Stouard(S)/Clay Stapelman(M),18.84; 6. Aron-Shayne Warr(O)/Sidney Niel-son(TF), 33.14; 7. Aubryn Bedke(O)/Brett Bartholomew(F), 38.38.

Tie down roping: 1. Ryn Severe, (O), 11.74 seconds; 2. Brey Yore, (M), 12.00;3. Jett VanBiezen, (F), 13.57; 4. Austin Iveson, (W), 14.09; 5. Will Nannini, (K), 16.45; 6. Rylee Spencer, (RR), 18.58; 7. Garet Jardine, (F), 23.68; 8. Aaron Champneys, (K), 25.85; 9. Garrett Brown, (W), 28.78.

Saturday, May 4 Results Bareback riding: 1. Ethan Southern, (RR), 53 points. Barrel racing: 1. Haven Jones, (F), 18.438 seconds; 2. Brinn Bowman, (F), 18.508; 3. Zoie Bedke, (O), 18.858; 4. Aron-Shayne Warr, (O), 18.910; 5. Sidney Nielson, (TF), 18.919; 6. Jetta Bott, (R), 19.143; 7. Renee Scott, (M), 19.222;8. Tandee Cutler, (O), 19.264; 9. Jesse Wadsworth, (K), 19.360; 10. Agustina Guiarte, (D), 19.556.

Breakaway roping: 1. Zoie Bedke, (O), 2.74 seconds; 2. Haven Jones, (F), 4.83;3. Sidney Nielson, (TF), 6.64; 4. Shae Bench, (O), 6.83; 5. Chesney Harper, (RR), 10.02; 6. Tandee Cutler, (O), 12.10; 7. Aubryn Bedke, (O), 13.99; 8. Aron-Shayne Warr, (O), 16.89; 9. Tristynn Lloyd, O), 25.29.

Bull riding: 1. Cutler Erickson, (RR), 56 points; 2. Wesley Pearson, (BL), 49.

Goat tying: 1. Zoie Bedke, (O), 7.99 seconds; 2. Jesse Wadsworth, (K), 8.09;3. Breyana Miller-Dubray, (E), 8.54; 4. Haven Jones, (F), 8.55; 5. Jetta Bott, (R), 9.71; 6. Sidney Nielson, (TF), 10.25; 7. Shae Bench, (O), 11.67; 8. Grace Smith, (R), 11.71; 9. Kendy Kenney, (HS), 12.25; 10. Kashli Stouard, (S), 12.82.

Pole bending: 1. Tandee Cutler, (O), 21.462 seconds; 2. Shae Bench, (O), 21.580; 3. Brinn Bowman, (F), 22.077; 4. Sidney Nielson, (TF), 22.147; 5. Aron-Shayne Warr, (O), 22.256; 6. Emma Blanthorn, (TF), 22.594; 7. Grace Smith, (R), 23.803; 8. Jessie Ward, (RR), 23.910; 9. Tayler Henson, (RR), 24.210; 10. Janie toner, (M), 24.402.

Saddle bronc: 1. Audie Zimmers, (C), 63 points.

Steer wrestling: 1. Jett VanBiezen, (F), 8.47 seconds; 2. Jake Pulsipher, (O), 8.62; 3. Michael Nannini, (K), 8.65; 3. Brey Yore, (M), 9.97.

Team roping: 1. Jett Vanbiezen(F)/Ryn Severe(O), 8.05 seconds; 2. Rylee Spencer(RR)/Bodee Spencer(RR), 10.53; 3. Jetta Bott(R)/Cody Rowley(S), 10.62; 4. Austin Iveson(W)/Garrett Brown(W), 11.34; 5. Garet Jardine(F)/Jackson Cum-mins(M), 11.50; 6. Aron-Shayne Warr(O)/Sidney Nielson(TF), 22.91;7. Zoie Bedke(O)/Brey Yore(M), 25.92; 8. Will Nannini(K)/Michael Nanni-ni(K),28.28; 9. Jeb Ireland(C)/Aaron Champneys(K), 29.39.

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Tie down roping: 1. Brey Yore, (M), 9.42 seconds; 2. Jeb Ireland, (C), 15.53;3. Rylee spencer, (RR), 17.02; 4. Jake Pulsipher, (O), 17.03; 5. Ryn Severe, (O), 24.74; 6. Austin Iveson, (W), 26.82.

District VI moves to Burley, May 10-11. Performance on Friday, 7 p.m. Saturday, 3 p.m.

Monday, May 6 Baseball Glenns Ferry 10,

Rimrock 0 GLENNS FERRY -Glenns Ferry pitcher Carson Grigg was brilliant on the hill as he threw a no-hitter to lead the Pilots past Rimrock 10-0. He went five innings, allowing zero runs on zero hits, striking out ten and walking one. Glenns Ferry had their offense going in the first inning with five runs followed by another five in the second inning. The Pilots offense were led by Nick Hernandez (2-for-2), Tanner Martinez (1-for-3) with two RBIs and a double. Wyatt Castagneto and Manny Garcia each had two RBIs.

4A District Twin Falls 10,

Canyon Ridge 1 TWIN FALLS – No. 1 seed Twin Falls scored three runs in the first inning on the way to the 10-1 win over No. 4 seed Canyon Ridge. Junior Carson Walters earned the win for the Bruins. He allowed five hits and one run over seven innings, striking out eight and walking one. Sophomore Steven Garrett-lagrone took the loss for the Riverhawks. He allowed five hits and six runs over two innings, striking out two while walking five. Sophomore Ian Hughes and junior Nate Maxfield each worked four innings out of the bullpen. Walters (2-for-3) had two RBIs and a double, junior Haylen Walker (2-for-2) and freshman Jace Mahlke (2-for-4) with a double and two RBIs led the Bruins. Senior Avery Rambur had two hits for Canyon Ridge with one RBI. Twin Falls will host Minico on Friday at 4 p.m. in the title game and Canyon Ridge travels to Pocatello on Wednesday, TBD.

Minico 10, Burley 0 RUPERT – No. 2 seed Minico Spartans and senior pitcher Kibe Matsen kept the No. 6 seed Burley Bobcats off the scoreboard in the 10-0 win. The Spartans scored all their runs in the first three innings with two in the first, one in the second and seven in the third. Matsen was credited with the victory for Minico lasting five inning allowing one hit and zero runs while striking out six and walking two.

Sophomore Slayder Watterson took the loss for the Bobcats. He went 2.1 innings, allowing six runs on six hits, striking out one and walking one. Senior Carson Noble threw two thirds of an inning in relief. He gave up three hits and four runs with a walk. Minico had nine hits and were led by seniors Carson Schow (2-for-3), McKay Chandler (2-for-2) with two RBIs, Matson (2-for-3) and Giraud (2-for-3) with an RBI. Sophomore Jace Robinson had the one Burley hit. Minico is at Twin Falls on Friday at 4 p.m. for the title and Burley is at Century on Wednesday, TBD.

Century 6, Wood River 2 POCATELLO – No. 5 seed Century defeated No. 8 seed Wood River, 6-2 in the loser out game. Junior Blake Nelson had two hits including a double for the Wolverines. Senior Noah Roberts threw five innings giving up five hits, three runs with six strikeouts and four walks. Senior Fabian Leos was on the mound for an inning allowing two hits and three runs with two strikeouts and two walks. Ryeker Anderson had two hits to lead the Diamondbacks at the plate. Century pitcher Caden McCurdy worked 6.2 innings allowing six hits, two runs with 12 strikeouts and two walks. Century will host Burley on Wednesday, TBD.

Pocatello 3, Preston 2 POCATELLO – No. 3 seed Pocatello eliminated No. 10 seed Preston, 3-2 thanks to a walk-off single at the end of the game. With the score tied at two with the Indians batting in the bottom of the ninth, Chase Aginauga singled on a 1-2 count, scoring one run. Pocatello will host Canyon Ridge on Wednesday, TBD.

Softball Declo 16, Wendell 1 Declo 15, Wendell 1 DECLO – The Hornets took two games over the Trojans, 16-1 and 15-1. In game one, Declo outhit Wendell, 10-4. Freshman Katie Bott and junior Sydney Ramsey each had two hits. Bott had two double and two RBIs. Ramsey, junior Amanda Bott, sophomore Jaylee Harris, senior Hadley Knudsen, junior Kate Mallory all had doubles. Senior Maddie Ramsey got the win for Declo giving up four hits, one run with two strikeouts. Wendell senior Reagan Talbert surrendered 10 hits, 16 runs with 10 walks and two strikeouts. Wendell was led at the plate by Talbert, Maria Acevedo, senior Ayla Geer and sophomore Rylie Sheer with one hit.

In game two, Declo put the game away with 10 runs in the fourth inning. Ramsey was on the mound again for the Hornets. She gave up one run on five hits with two strikeouts and one walk. Junior Gaby Ponce was on the mound for Wendell. She allowed 16 hits, 16 runs with one strikeout and one walk. Harris was (3-for-4) with two RBIs and sophomore Bailee Burton was (3-for-3) with two doubles and three RBIs. Talbert had two hits with a double for the Trojans.

4A District Pocatello 4, Twin Falls 1 TWIN FALLS—No. 1 seed Twin Falls fell to No. 3 seed Pocatello, 4-1. Both teams had nine hits in the game. Junior Kaitlynn Ayers led the Bruins with three hits in four at bats including a double and a triple with one RBI and senior Kenzie Connell was (2-for-3) with an RBI. Maddi Palmer had four hits in four at bats for the Indians. Connell got the loss for Twin Falls in two and a third innings. She allowed three hits and one run with five strikeouts and one walk. Sophomore Hannah Holcomb threw four innings with four hits and one run with three strikeouts and one walk. Pocatello will travel to Jerome on Friday at 4 p.m. Twin Falls will host Canyon Ridge on Wednesday at 5 p.m. in an elimination game.

Jerome 16,

Mountain Home 13 JEROME – There were 29 runs scored in the battle between No. 2 seed Jerome and No. 3 seed Mountain Home with the Jerome Tigers coming out the winner, 16-13. Jerome trailed 13-10 entering the bottom of the sixth and scored six runs to take the lead and the victory. Jerome junior Abriana Hurtado threw the seven inning game, allowing eight hits and 13 runs while striking out three and walking five for the win. She gave up three home runs to Mountain Home. (Reece Floyd, Sierra Reynolds and Khiann Kaiser). Losing pitcher Brianna Garcilazo surrendered eight runs on eight hits over three and a third innings, striking out two and walking one. Hurtado (3-for-4) with a double and an RBI, junior Mercedes Bell (3-for-4) with two RBIs and a triple and home run, junior Danielle Leal (2-for-5) with two doubles and two RBIs and Payton Miler (2-for-4) with an RBI the Jerome Tigers at the plate. Jerome will host Pocatello on Friday at 4 p.m. Mountain Home will host Burley on Wednesday at 5 p.m. Canyon Ridge 11,

Wood River 0 TWIN FALLS – Senior Alicia Beverly pitched a shutout as No. 6 Canyon Ridge eliminated No. 10 Wood River, 11-0. Beverly went five innings, allowing zero runs on four hits and striking out 11 with three walks. Junior Hailee Harris started for the Wolverines and lasted 2.1 innings, allowing five hits and nine runs. Sophia Morse threw two and a third innings in relief out of the bullpen. Sophomore Jaycee Massie, junior Kylee Gerstl, and Beverly each had two hits. Both Beverly and Massie had a double and three RBIs and Massie had a home run for the Riverhawks. Senior Luci Cuellar, senior Cameron Martin, Harris, and senior Morgan Benson each had a hit for Wood River. Canyon Ridge is at Twin Falls on Wednesday, at 5 p.m.

Burley 8, Preston 5

BURLEY—No. 10 seed Preston scored the first runs but the No. 5 seed Burley got the 8-5 win in the loser-out game. With the Indians leading 4-1 into the bottom of the fourth, the Bobcats scored five runs to pull away. Senior Mallory Beck was the winning pitcher for Burley allowing three hits, one run with two strikeouts and two walks. Abbie Keller was the losing pitcher for Preston giving up eight runs on 12 hits in six innings with two strikeouts and one walk. Senior Sam Waters had three hits for Burley, Beck had two hits with a double and three RBIs, and senior Alexia Glenn had two hits with a double. Sayge Keller, Saydie-Larson, Ashlynn Sparks, and Megan Johnson had a hit for Preston. Mountain Home will host Burley on Wednesday at 5 p.m.

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