District V High School Results at Jerome, May 3-4.

District V moves to Carey, May 10-11. Friday night performance at 7 p.m. Saturday at 2 p.m.

(District V schools – Belluvue (B), Bliss (BL), Buhl (BU), Dietrich (D), Eden (ED), Filer (F), Gooding (G), Grandview (GR), Hagerman (H), Hailey (HL), Je-rome (J), Ketchum (K), King Hill (KH), Mountain Home (MH), Elko, Nevada (E), Eureka, Nevada (EU), New Plymouth (NP), Paul (P), Picabo (PB), Rich-field (R), Shoshone (S), Wendell (W), Wood River (WR)

Friday, May 3 Results

Bareback riding: 1. Wes Shaw, (D), 53 points.

Barrel racing: 1. Kylee Evans, (G), 17.809 seconds; 2. Macardi Park, (G), 18.017; 3. Aspen Stinemates, (W), 18.138; 4. Jaylan Thomason, (BL), 18.316; 5. Emma Jaro, (J), 18.345; 6. Randa Allen, (R), 18.487; 7. Codi Ann Park, (G), 18.602;8. Lainey Keppler, (GR), 18.723; 9. .Cheyenne Johns, (KH), 18.872; 10. Tymber Burkey, (S), 18.887.

Breakaway roping: 1. Lexi Simper, (G), 2.85 seconds; 2. Codi Ann Park, (G), 3.75; 3. Gracie Faulkner, (G), 4.01; 4. Aspen Stinemates, (W), 4.15; 5. Haydn Brunson, (G), 4.46; 6. Morgan Spies, (MH), 4.71; 7. Katie Ross, (N), 5.64 8. Em-ma Jaro, (J), 5.85.

Bull riding: 1. Camren Firth, (J0, 51 points.

Goat tying: 1. Lexi Simper, (G), 8.04 seconds; 2. Gracie Faulkner, (G), 8.16;

3. Codi Ann Park, (G), 8.85; 4. Kylee Evans, (G), 9.90; 5. Aspen Stinemates, (W), 10.31; 6. Kegan Reynolds, (MH), 11.15; 7. Macardi Park, (G), 11.22; 8. Tobi Hu-bert, (D), 12.61; 9. Cheyenne Johns, (KH), 12.99; 10. Morgan Spies, (MH), 13.18.

Pole bending: 1. Macardi Park, (G), 21.310 seconds; 2. Jaylan Thomason, (BL), 21.629; 3. Laney Owen, (G), 21.843; 4. Kylee Evans, (G), 22.083; 5. Tobi Hubert, (D), 22.608; 6.Lainey Keppler, (MH), 22.638; 7. Tymber Burkey, (S), 22.669;8. Payson Bennett, (PB), 22.861; 9. Karlie Bingham, (G), 23.447; 10. Kiersten Kindred, (S), 23.682.

Saddle bronc: No qualified rides.

Steer wrestling: 1. Wes Shaw, (D), 20.41 seconds.

Team roping: 1. Sidnee Auge(E)/Katie Ross(N), 12.94 seconds; 2. Gracie Faulkner (G/Jade Shaw (G), 17.55.

Tie down roping: 1. Waid Dalton, (D), 10.88 seconds; 2. Jade Shaw, (G), 15.57;3. Conor Ward, (J), 15.77; 4. Wes Shaw (D), 20.51; 5. Tel Shaw (D), 32.31; 6. Nathaniel Connell, (R), 36.00.

Saturday, May 4 Results

Bareback riding: 1. Wes Shaw, (D), 71 points.

Barrel racing: 1. Paige Balster, (J), 18.030 seconds; 2. Randa Allen, (R), 18.098;3. Payson Bennett, (WR), 18.332; 4. Gracie Faulkner, (G), 18.424; 5. Emma Jaro, (J), 18.428; 6. Lainey Keppler, (GR), 18.572; 7. Jaylan Thomason, (BL), 18.580; 8. Tawny Wight, (J); 18.766; 9.Lexi Simper, (G), 18.814; 10. Codi Ann Park, (G), 18.870.

Breakaway roping: 1. Lexi Simper, (G), 3.30 seconds; 2. Morgan Spies, (MH), 4.33; 3. Sidnee Auge, (E), 4.47; 4. Katie Ross, (N), 5.16; 5. Kylee Evans, (G), 6.59; 6. Jaylan Thomason, (BL), 13.78.

Bull riding: No qualified rides.

Goat tying: 1. Gracie Faulkner, (G), 8.30 seconds; 2. Aspen Stinemates, (W), 8.87; 3. Sidnee Auge, (E), 10.75; 4. Tymber Burkey, (S), 10.77; 5. Lexi Simper, (G), 11.18; 6. Emma Jaro, (J), 11.69; 7. Tobi Hubert, (D), 12.06; 8. Kylee Evans, (G), 12.33; 9. Kassie Rogers, (J0, 13.31; 10. Codi Ann Park, (G), 13.54.

Pole bending: 1. Jaylan Thomason, (BL), 21.546 seconds; 2. Macardi Park, (G), 21.670; 3. Emma Jaro, (J), 21.725; 4. Kiersten Kindred, (S), 22.027; 5.Tawny Wight, (J), 22.040; 6.Payson Bennett, (PB), 23.172; 7. Cheyenne Johns, (KH), 23.207; 8. Karlie Bingham, W), 23.309; 9. Dana Kriesien, (HL), 23.913; 10. Sidnee Auge, (E), 24.434.

Saddle bronc: No qualified rides.

Steer wrestling: 1. Wes Shaw, (D), 13.36.

Team roping: 1. Tel Shaw (D)/Wes Shaw (D), 9.08 seconds; 2. Sidnee Auge(E)/Katie Ross(N), 14.95; 3. Sam Damele(MH)/Parker Reynolds(MH), 15.73.

Tie down roping: 1. Waid Dalton, D), 10.71 seconds; 2. Cooper Pavkov, (G), 18.11; 3. Jade Shaw, (G), 20.53; 4. Sam Damele, (MH), 29.28.


Tuesday’s scores

Declo 10, Wendell 6

DECLO – The Hornets took a 4-0 lead after one inning in the 10-6 win over the visiting Trojans. Wendell scored four runs in the top of the second inning but Declo added three more runs in the home half of the inning.

Senior McKay Breshears started on the mound for the Hornets and was the winning pitcher. He lasted six and a third innings, allowing four hits and six runs while striking out 12 and walking two. Wendell senior Felipe Paniagua allowed seven hits and seven runs over one and one-third innings, striking out two and walking one.

Junior Don Bunn threw four and two-thirds innings in relief and was the losing pitcher. Sophomore Gabe Matthews, senior Nathan Duke and Sayger Kidd each had three hits for Declo. Breshears had two hits, a double and a triple and two RBIs. Duke added a double and triple and freshman Derek Mathews had a double. Senior Blake Hughes was 2-for-4 with one RBI for Wendell.

3A District

Filer 6, Gooding 0

GOODING – Two Filer pitchers, senior Kyle Sanford and sophomore Heber Jenkins, combined to throw a shutout as the No. 2 seed Filer Wildcats defeated No. 3 seed Gooding Senators 6-0 in the loser out game.

Sanford allowed three hits over six and a third innings, striking out 11 and walking five. Jenkins gave up two hits in two-thirds of an inning. Junior Daniel Balch took the loss for Gooding. He went seven innings, allowing six runs on eight hits and striking out eight and walking two. Sophomores Tyler McClain was 2-for-3 with a double and Logan Lockwood was 2-for-4 with a double. Junior Kenny Anderson had a double for Gooding and sophomore Tristin Schroeder, senior Dyln Carmichael, sophomore Zach Curtsinger and senior Leland Curtsinger each had a hit.

Filer moves on to a state play-in game on Saturday at Pocatello or Minico at 1 p.m.


3A District

Filer 14, Kimberly 5

GOODING – In the loser out game, No. 2 seed Filer took the lead late and defeated No. 3 seed Kimberly, 14-5.

The Bulldogs held a 5-0 lead into the bottom of the fifth when the Wildcats put 10 runs on the board and followed with four more runs in the bottom of the sixth. Sophomore Sami Taylor started the game for Filer and lasted four innings, allowing five hits and five runs while striking out four and walking one.

Sophomore McCarty Stoddard got the win for the Wildcats. She lasted three innings, allowing zero hits and zero runs while striking out one and walking one. Sophomore Presley Lyman suffered the loss for the Bulldogs. She lasted five innings, allowing eight hits and ten runs while striking out two and walking one.

Senior Jaylee Bingham went 4-for-4 at the plate for Filer with a double and four RBIs and junior Marhi Carter was 3-for-5 and freshman Lexi Monson was 3-for-4 with two RBIs. Kimberly freshman Demi Vega had two hits in four at bats and senior Hannah Poulson hit a home run.

Gooding 9, Filer 3

GOODING—No. 1 seed Gooding scored four runs in the first inning on the way to the 9-3 win over No. 2 seed Filer and are the District IV 3A champions.

Junior Kassie Adkinson was credited with the victory for the Senators. She pitched seven innings, allowing three runs on eight hits with no strikeouts or walks. Sophomore McCarty Stoddard started the game for the Wildcats and allowed four hits and two runs over one inning with no walks or strikeouts.

Sophomore Samantha Taylor took the loss for Filer. She lasted five innings, allowing eight hits and seven runs while walking one. Freshman Lexy Trana, sophomore Kylee Cook and sophomore Jamie Carter were each 2-for-4. Carter had a home run, junior Mallory Brown and Kassie Adkinson and Cook each had a double. Freshman Lexi Monson, Stoddard, and junior Sophie Bartholomew each had two hits for the Wildcats.

Filer will play in a state play-in game on Saturday at 1 p.m. in Pocatello.


District Tournament

at Canyon Springs Golf Course

Boys Team Scores: 1. Lighthouse Christian, 353; 2. Declo, 372; 3. Sun Valley Community School, 396.

Boys Individuals top 7: 1. Collin Holloway, Lighthouse Christian, 80; 2. (tie) Cooper Dastrup, Lighthouse Christian, and Jett Shaw, Dietrich, 83; 4. Kelan Liljenquist, Declo, 86; 5. Andrew O’Connor, Sun Valley Community School, 88; 6. Sam Slusser, Declo, 90; 7. Casper Block, Lighthouse Christian, 91.

Girls Team Scores: 1. Declo, 438; 2. Lighthouse Christian, 465.

Girls Individuals top 3: 1. Jaeli Garrard, Declo, 94; 2. Jordan Morton, Lighthouse Christian, 110; 3. (tie) Shaeley Silcock, Declo, and Hannah Buschhorn, Valley, 113.

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