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Washington state's top Democrats have come out against a proposal from U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson to remove four hydroelectric dams on the Snake River and replace their benefits as part of a huge infrastructure bill being crafted by the Biden administration.

Anytime Elissa Washuta thought she was holding back or not using her true voice while writing and editing her new book “White Magic,” she channeled the energy of the creator of the cult classic TV show “Twin Peaks.” “If I ever felt like doing something safe, I’d think, ‘If David Lynch was allowed to make ‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3 as he did for Showtime, surely I can have a little bit of a time ...

Reading mysteries in the spring always feels pleasantly off-key; disappearing into darkness at a time when things are becoming lighter. Janelle Brown's "Pretty Things," which this month kept my eyes glued to the pages and away from things blooming outside (just as well; spring makes me sneeze), brought some appealing chill. It's both psychological thriller and old-house saga; said house being ...

As Western states prepare for this year’s wildfire season, the world’s largest firefighting plane has been grounded and could be converted to help fight against another crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic.

America's infrastructure is crumbling, but President Joe Biden says he has a plan to fix it. How to pay for this $2 trillion plan will be the topic of hot debate in Washington. After this, will we still view infrastructure as the ideal bipartisan issue? 

Rickie Lee Jones cuts right to the chase on the first page of the introduction to "Last Chance Texaco: Chronicles of an American Troubadour," her well-crafted and intensely candid new memoir. Its second paragraph reads: "When I was twenty-three years old I drove around L.A. with Tom Waits. We'd cruise along Highway 1 in his new 1963 Thunderbird. With my blonde hair flying out the window and ...

When I first met Ramona Quimby, she was only 4 years old and already showing signs of greatness. This was a kid who could secretly summon 15 friends to her house without her mother suspecting a thing — at least until the children started arriving on the doorstep, expecting a party. Ramona could ruin two birthday cakes in a single day, turn the entire house upside down with only a box of ...

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This three-ingredient whiskey cocktail should be stirred in a crystal glass or Mason jar to keep things cold as ice.

SEATTLE — Following the killings of eight people — including six Asian American women — in Georgia last week, Karen Maeda Allman, bookseller and author events coordinator at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, compiled this list of readings on Asian American history and experiences. "This list is a starting point," she writes. "'Asia' and 'Asian American' are, of course, contested terms so ...

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