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“Knowing they will get their job back would at least give workers a hope they will not become homeless or struggle to feed their families, which are fears too many Nevadans and their families are dealing with every day”

In times of crisis, workers not represented by unions may face worse consequences than workers represented by unions, and locations with lower union membership rates might also be less resilient to economic hardship. 

Some may remember leaving “May baskets” at the doors of friends and neighbors. Those who remember the Cold War might recall the Soviet show of…

NEW YORK (AP) — Some Instacart and Amazon warehouse workers walked off the job Monday demanding greater safeguards against the coronavirus, ev…

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Michigan has more than enough union members to sway a presidential primary (about 600,000, according to federal statistics). Biden and Sanders both make a claim on being labor’s candidate, Biden more through relationships with union leaders and Sanders with direct appeals to the rank and file.

SOMERS POINT — Registered nurses at Shore Medical Center who participated in a one-day strike Tuesday returned to work Saturday morning after three additional days of not being scheduled.

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