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Opinion: The irony is thick: A Republican president took office despite getting fewer votes than his opponent, then installed three conservative Supreme Court justices — and now that court majority has ignored America's majority, not to mention its own precedent, to impose its ideological will on society. The fall of Roe v. Wade is the result of a series of minoritarian quirks in the nation's political structure and the GOP's single-minded exploitation of those quirks. With Republicans posed to retake Congress thanks to factors unrelated to actual merit, anti-choice extremism could ultimately be forced upon even those states that still support abortion rights.

Opinion: The U.S. Supreme Court has produced yet another partisan ideological screed masquerading as sober legal analysis. This time, the court's culture-war conservatives have sided with a high school football coach who led student players in prayer on the field at the end of games — an inherently coercive exercise against non-Christian players.

Opinion: The Biden administration this week launched a broadside against Big Tobacco in an effort to break its hold over millions of Americans. The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday announced it will seek a rule forcing dramatic reduction in the amount of nicotine in cigarettes, to render them less addictive and make it easier for smokers to quit.

Opinion: Fifty years ago Friday, burglars broke into the Watergate Hotel in Washington, the first chapter of a story that would transform American politics. The anniversary comes as Congress investigates the greatest constitutional crisis since then. Just as Watergate-era leaders instituted important reforms to address the weaknesses of the system that the scandal exposed, so today's leaders must ensure that a repeat of the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol — on democracy itself — cannot happen.

Opinion: Big investment firms, including those that manage billions of dollars in public workers' retirement accounts, face punishment by various state legislatures simply for declining to put their investments in fossil fuel companies that contribute to global warming. The investment firms accurately portray such companies as a long-term economic risk. But legislatures in politically red states with fossil-fuel-heavy economies are fighting back, refusing to let such investment firms handle their state workers' portfolios.

Opinion: With public hearings coming soon from the House committee investigating Jan. 6, the Department of Justice has decided not to charge two key figures with contempt of Congress for refusing to honor subpoenas. Former Trump administration Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino are apparently off the hook despite refusing a legally binding obligation to tell Congress what they know about an attack on America's democracy — an attack that continues to pose a threat.

Opinion: A CNN reporter correctly confronted the Uvalde, Texas, school district chief of police on Wednesday, refusing to take no for an answer when Chief Pedro Arredondo repeatedly tried to sidestep the reporter and avoid answering crucial questions about last week’s school massacre. Arredondo escaped through a door, after which the school district announced that it would arrest any reporter found on school district property.

"It might seem like Noah’s death is unique and unprecedented. It isn’t. Children die in septic tanks each year, but unlike Paul and Ashley, few of their parents see the inside of a courtroom." With "Late Edition: Crime Beat Chronicles" we're presenting notable true crime stories, as reported by journalists for the dozens of various Lee-Enterprises owned publications from around America. For this latest season, we wanted to highlight a series from The Roanoke Times that was first reported and produced in 2018 by journalists Jacob Demmitt and Robby Korth. A 5-year-old child went missing in Dublin, Va., in spring 2015. When his body was discovered days later in the family's septic tank, the mother was put on trial both by the court system, as well as social media, where misinformation, accusations and vengeance-fueled comments spread unchecked. It's a heartbreaking and tragic story, but Roanoke Times reporters Jacob Demmitt and Robby Korth went to great lengths to present an honest and well-rounded narrative that explores the ways a community failed one of their own while also touching on broader implications like the effects of Facebook, the stigma of drug addiction in rural America and the distortion of facts. Links: Roanoke Times reporters make podcast to revisit Noah Thomas case The Search Noah's Family Evidence If you appreciate what we're doing with this program, we encourage you to invest in local journalism and support The Roanoke Times, or whichever newspaper it is that serves your community. See for privacy information.

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The judge at Kyle Rittenhouse's murder trial banned MSNBC from the courthouse Thursday after police said they briefly detained a man who had f…

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