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Priscilla Giddings

Opinion: Hubris was often a theme in Shakespeare as well as Greek tragedies. For the Greeks, hubris always led to nemesis, the agent of one's downfall. It is different from Karma, which is the sum of one's life and where it leads

Opinion: But since Jane Doe came forward, continuing until the hearing and after it — continuing even right now — she has been attacked, harassed and doxxed. How could anyone be proud to live in a state that treats a 19-year-old victim like this?

The controversial move has victim advocates warning that publicly identifying people without their consent who say they were sexually assaulted makes it less likely that other women will be willing to file a report if they are attacked.

Representative Barbara Ehardt spoke about a conference in New Orleans on early childhood education she attended, and said she perceived that motherhood was being denigrated there: “I don’t think for the most part these women and I shared very much in common, anyway I’m going to vote ‘no’.”

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