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Restaurants get food out quickly because everyone on the line knows their place. And even though no one should expect a meal on the table in about 12 minutes where you live, they should be able to move around the room in a flash. All utensils, cups and plates should be gathered in the same area of your kitchen, and set at least a few feet away from the high-trafficked areas of a refrigerator, oven or even microwave. Store once-in-a-blue-moon appliances inside your pantry, or in a cupboard out of the way.

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More meals at home means more dishes to clean. Depending on the age of your children, they may already know how to rinse their plates, place them in the dishwasher and run the cycle. If not, now is a chance to learn. You can also teach your children to clear and wipe down the table and countertops. And, having them help to hand-wash, dry and put away dishes can emphasize the upsides of working together as well.

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The electric Candle Warmers plate safely melts scented candles from the bottom up and is perfect for the office, kitchen and bathroom. No flames, no worries. Just plug it in. Find it in the cleaning-product aisle.

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With the first days summer just around the corner, you’re probably taking advantage of the few sunny spring days to have any meal you can on your patio. But whether you’re hosting a Memorial Day cookout or just like to enjoy your breakfast in the sun, carting delicate dinnerware to and from the kitchen can be a nerve-wracking task. This unbreakable dishwasher safe dinnerware is just as chic as ceramics without the risk of shattering.

We’ve all been there—it’s three hours into a drive to see family over the holidays and we just can’t remember if we left the bedroom light or hair straightener on. Save yourself the giant electric bill or moment of panic with smart outlets. This Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible outlet from Currant will help you monitor energy use, turn appliances on and off from outside your home, and schedule power to everything from humidifiers to Christmas lights.

Winter is the perfect time for pie making, whether you’re whipping up a dessert for a holiday party or baking a delicious dish to serve at home. But if you find your pies aren’t so pretty, use these simple tricks to produce pies that are as beautiful as they taste.

With summer winding down, now is the time to take advantage of these last few weekends of warmer weather, longer nights and no school. And what better way to say farewell to summer than gathering friends and family together for a picnic or barbecue? Simply stock up on these Labor Day essentials now and send the summer season off with a kick.

Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food took eating way too seriously. Bill and Claire Wurtzel employ the opposite approach, encouragin…

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