Columnist Bill Colley

Columnist Bill Colley has his portrait taken Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016, at the Times-News in downtown Twin Falls.

Liberals would have us believe Republicans are mean. Liberals would tell us Republicans are out to get the little guy. Just for fun. Liberals would tell us Republicans blame the little guy for his own poverty. Liberals claim the impoverished are victims. Unless the impoverished are jobless coal miners. Then the liberals blame the miners for a poor career choice and for promoting evil by mining coal. Then the liberals suggest you sign up for food stamps and become a ward of the state. When a broken miner votes for Donald Trump, I swear, liberals almost seem happy heroin is wiping out vast swaths of Appalachia. Now you leftists are ticking me off. Those are my people. I grew up in the region. Life has always been tough since the first settlers arrived there after crossing Cumberland Pass and the Pennsylvania Wilderness. For all the condescension and jokes about intermarriage and moonshine, the land was free. What I mean by free is the definition of liberty. People were left alone. Even the New Deal left much of the region unspoiled by big government. The Great Society snapped a few photographs with LBJ on a porch. Then the president, media and government stood up and left. We got by on our own. In the northern stretch of the region I called home we got by on dairy farms and small factories. To the south the key was coal and steel. Then steel collapsed against foreign competition. The small factories closed and then the liberals shut down coal. LBJ was long gone but his political progeny returned and strangled a culture hundreds of years old.

Liberals won’t affirm it, but the president’s line last week about being elected to represent the people of Pittsburgh and not Paris is a historical milestone. The mayor of Pittsburgh insists he represents his people (as if his city is part of another country) and now they depend on green energy for growth. Green energy fueled by generous subsidies, provided by working Americans who pay taxes to subsidize food stamps, wind power, the Paris Climate Accord and NATO. Some well-connected Democrat in Pittsburgh is using my money for his alternative energy scam. He then pays himself lavishly and contributes to political campaigns promising him more money from other people.

Yes, Donald Trump is a flawed human being (aren’t we all), but the last couple of weeks he’s been spot on about his obligation. He doesn’t owe Germany’s Grandma Merkel a dime. He doesn’t owe the greenies the time of day and he doesn’t owe liberals much more than the back of a hand. Some fellow was chirping on TV the other night about how the president would regret the withdrawal from an agreement never ratified by the Senate.

The whiner intoned 70 percent of Americans support the Paris Agreement.

The news anchor didn’t challenge the figure. Can we get the 70 percent to explain the pact? You all read the accord, right? You know Pakistan’s representative submitted less than one page and explained his country would do its best. Best at what? He didn’t say, but he did hold out his hands and grin while awaiting your tax dollars.

I was reading a story at Reason a few days ago. The magazine is the mouthpiece of America’s liberty movement. A writer reflected on the crisis in Venezuela. The author claims the South American country has more oil than Saudi Arabia. There was a time when it was the wealthiest land in South America. It wasn’t shy about extracting and using its mineral wealth. Then the socialists came along. The average weight loss this past year in Venezuela is just under 20 pounds. The diet is enforced by a cruel government claiming it’s leveling the playing field. And you know, Lefty is happy the country’s oil isn’t contributing to climate change. The left-wing hero and linguist Noam Chomsky was quizzed by the magazine. He still ardently supports the socialist regime but blames the nation’s demise on capital flight. In other words, the investors were sick and tired of a government seizing their wealth for bread. The job creators then packed up and left. Ask a question today of a starving Venezuelan. Would he or she be more concerned about rising sea levels versus starvation?

Yesterday I saw a story where a liberal writer argued the United States had only shipped $100 billion to date to the agreement’s climate fund. It’s a fraction of our overall national debt, but how many roads could $100 billion pave in Idaho? How many break walls could be constructed in San Diego? How many kids could go to college on the same amount? Speaking of debt, the World Economic Forum issued a report last week and it can make your skin crawl. Worldwide pension obligations will fall $400 trillion short within 30 years. Are we going to smother retirees as an option? A trillion is one thousand billion, and a billion is one thousand million. Retirees are just a fraction of future government obligations. When people are impoverished to the point they’ll chop down every tree for cooking roots and warmth, you’ll have a true environmental disaster. Haiti, writ large.

When my daughter was a little girl we would go shopping most Saturday afternoons. Inevitably every week she wanted a new doll. She learned quickly to check cost. “But it’s only $5,” she would insist. A Saturday night came where I spread some cash on a table and explained gasoline. I picked up a twenty. Groceries, clothes and emergencies and soon there wasn’t anything left. When she suggested the ATM I explained it was only good as long as I had cash to back up the account. Dolls were fine now and then, but sometimes we had to pass. I wasn’t being mean. The idea was to explain reality. She must have been 6 years old at the time. What’s the excuse for adult liberals?

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Bill Colley is the host of Top Story on Newsradio 1310 AM.


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