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About Wright Physical Therapy

Six Convenient Locations

1444 Falls Avenue E., Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Phone: (208) 736-2574

452 Cheney Dr. W. #190, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Phone: (208) 329-7667

931 Center Street Suite C, Kimberly, Idaho 83341
Phone: (208) 423-9999

111 Pioneer Court, Jerome, Idaho 83338
Phone: (208) 944-9277

1945 Hiland Ave, Burley, Idaho 83318
Phone: (208) 647-0224

280 West Main St., Wendell, Idaho 83355
Phone: (208) 944-4003

1615 Curlew Dr, Ammon, Idaho 83406
Phone: (208) 516-1204

650 N. State St, Shelley, Idaho 83274
Phone: (208) 782-4744

We are conveniently located in the heart of Twin Falls, Idaho with additional locations in Kimberly, Burley, Jerome, Wendell, Idaho Falls and Shelley Idaho. Our pristine buildings provide a clean, energetic atmosphere. We boast passionate Doctors of Physical Therapy, including back specialists, McKenzie (mechanically) certified, with advanced orthopaedic skills. Our therapists assist a wide range of patients to get them back to their daily activities; from the young athlete wanting to rise to the top or get back in the game, to the pregnant mother, that has three others to care for. We care about the grandparent wanting to play more with their grand kids to the hard worker who needs to get back to the job. We will help you work through your injury from start to finish, and provide you with a take home program to prevent the injury from repeating in the future. If you have ever muttered the phrase "no one has ever been able to fix it," we have the answer. Wright Physical Therapy has surprised many with their fresh ability to get you better now, or find someone else who can.


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What kind of joint or muscle pain is bothering you? We believe when we work with your physician, no one can help you better than Wright Physical Therapy. Joints and the muscles involved that we treat include shoulders, hips, knees, wrists, elbows, ankles and feet. We also do pre and post surgical rehabilitation with proper care to help you reach your goals promptly.


How is mechanical therapy going to help you get better quicker? If you have a disc herniation, bulge or protrusion in the neck or back, nagging chronic spine pain, symptoms shooting into your lower or upper extremity, or you have headaches, we have the answer. Mechanical therapy is very effective at determining the root of the problem and getting you better quicker and back to the things you love. (See services for more information on what mechanical therapy entails).


Are you sitting out of your sport due to injury? Take your game to the next level! We work with all types of athletes from recreational to professional. We treat sports injuries and aid in the athlete's return from the sidelines back to peak performance. Utilizing our new sport court and equipment to abolish barriers, you can reach your body's potential, whether you are currently injured or not. Some programs offered include prehab, post- rehabilitation, jump training, speed training and more.

Our Services


Pre/Post Surgical - Joint, Spine and Sport Physical Therapy
Pre and Post-Surgical Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Knee, Hip, Ankle, Foot problems, and muscles that cross these joints, etc...
Lumbar Spine:
Cervical Spine:
Including ACL, MCL, LCL, Meniscus, Fractures, Ligament Sprains, etc...

Manual Physical Therapy
Soft tissue massage, trigger point release, myofascial release, lumbar/cervical traction, scar tissue mobilization, neural gliding, skilled spinal mobilizations/manipulations, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and others.

Modalities / Healing Agents
Cold laser, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS), neuromuscular electrical stimulation, parrafin bath, cryotherapy, thermo therapy, Kinesiotape, McConnell tape, iontophoresis and others.

WorkWell Functional Capacity Evaluations
More info Coming soon

Worker’s Compensation Program
We offer a comprehensive series of performance based tests used to determine one's ability to work and current level of function. This evaluation is a crucial resource for: returning to work and job positioning, disability evaluation, intervention and planning of treatment, case management and case closure.

Manipulations and Physical Therapy
This refers to skilled therapists applying mobilizations to joints at varying degrees of needed intensity. If gentle mobilizations are required, that is what is performed. If it needs to be stronger, it can be performed in gentle and effective ways with progressive forces. Manipulation can rapidly relieve your pain, but often as the best research shows, it requires skilled therapeutic interventions in combination to gain long-term benefits.

Medx Training for Back and Neck
MedX equipment is a significant tool specifically designed to help strengthen your back and neck stabilizers. Why does your back or neck pain return? Research demonstrates it often is associated with weak back or neck muscles deep in the spine. MedX skillfully applied with other therapeutic techniques is an answer.

Pregnancy Related Injury
More info coming soon.

Balance / Fall Prevention
More info coming soon.

Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment
More info coming soon.

Aquatic Therapy
• Reduces Stress on Joints – Buoyancy Effect
• Increases Range of Motion and Flexibility
• Challenges Balance, Gait, and Coordination in a Safe Environment
• Pain Modulation
• Edema and Swelling Control — Hydrostatic Pressure
• Improves Muscle Tone and Strength
• Increases Cardiovascular Endurance

SCiATHLETE High Performance Training
With collegiate athletes on staff and with our state-of -the art sport court, we can perform precision jump, speed, agility, and sport specific training for athletes wanting to tip the scales of sport in their favor.

Bridge Program – From Injury to Sport Specific Training
Provided to Improve Athletic Performance
• Sport Specific Training (i.e. volleyball, basketball, soccer, golf, etc...
• Balance and Gait Training
• Agility and Speed Training
• Get Some Hops Jump Program
• Home of the On Going Free Throw Contest
• Wallyball and Racquetball Recreation (memberships not for sale)

Cost Free Screen
More info coming soon.

Pulmonary Rehab
More info coming soon.

Cybex – Isokinetic testing
More info coming soon.

Customer Testimonials

“I am very impressed with therapy and how my mobility improved since surgery. The teaching was great with the exercises. I’m very happy with the results.” - M.H.

“Excellent customer service. I would recommend this clinic to anyone desiring to get well. Keep up what you are doing-it works!” - C.T.

“I was very pleased with the care that I received. Everyone was extremely friendly and always concerned about my welfare. I also appreciated that I wasn’t told to come back more than needed. A lot of other places seem to make you feel that they are more concerned about the money than your well being. Thanks. It was a great experience and I feel so much better.” - A.M.

“I was pleased that they get right to you and don’t make you wait for your appointment time. I worked with my therapist for several weeks and his kindness and caring has my neck back to 100% and he’s taught me to continue to keep it that way.” - F.R.

“From the time I walked in and by the time I left, I felt very welcome and in good hands with all the employees. I enjoyed working with them and would recommend anyone to this place for any physical therapy treatment needed. I did my home exercises they told me to do and I gained a lot of ground in a short matter of time.” - K.H.

“My experience has been 100% positive. The atmosphere and ambiance are friendly and nicely casual, while getting the therapy done.” - P.B.


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