TWIN FALLS — Pizza Factory announced Wednesday a franchise growth strategy targeting Twin Falls.

The family-friendly pizza shop, with 113 locations in six states, plans to grow into Twin Falls and is accepting franchisee inquiries.

“We are growing our footprint into neighborhoods big and small where we know our awesome people, product and philanthropic partnerships will be valued and Twin Falls has exactly what we are looking for," President and CEO Mary Jane Riva said in a statement.

The company says it will be a welcomed addition to Twin Falls because of a strong sense of community with a balance of residential and business buildings.

Pizza Factory uses fresh, hand-grated 100 percent mozzarella cheese, slow-cooked meat sauce and meatballs that are hand rolled in-house. The fast-casual pizzeria allows guests to order at the counter before their food is delivered tableside.

Pizza Factory has also launched a “No Bully Zone” program that raises awareness about the prevalence of bullying in schools and throughout the community. In addition, Pizza Factory also offers fundraising programs to support local schools, youth sports leagues, as well as other community groups and organizations.

“The role we play in the communities we serve goes well beyond just being the best place in the neighborhood for pizza,” Riva said.

Pizza Factory looks to add additional franchise locations in key markets throughout the country, with a special focus on Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and California.

Information about available franchise opportunities:

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