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Ed Sheeran 'proud' to change nappies

Ed Sheeran 'proud' to change nappies

Ed Sheeran is "proud" to be an "expert nappy changer".

The 'Bad Habits' singer felt "useless" after his wife Cherry gave birth to their daughter Lyra in August 2020 because she was breastfeeding so he felt there was little he could do for them, other than take on household chores and changing the baby.

He said: “When Lyra was born, I’ve never felt more useless as a man – even in the hospital it’s all out of your hands. So when Cherry was breastfeeding I was like, ‘Well what can I do?’ And the thing men can do is just do all the nappies and cooking, so that’s what I did.

“I grew to enjoy it, it’s the one thing that made me feel needed in a situation where I otherwise didn’t really feel needed – so I became an expert nappy changer.

“Cherry jokes that she’s changed like three but I’m proud of that, it’s the one thing I can do, but she does literally everything else.”

The coronavirus pandemic meant the 30-year-old star was around for most of Lyra's first year, and even though he's now back at work, he is still determined to be there as much as possible.

He told The Sun newspaper: “We didn’t have any help at all because of the pandemic – it was just me and Cherry — but I never wanted to be someone who just handed a baby over.

“We do have one girl who has started recently to help us out now that I’m back at work.

“But that has only been over the last three weeks and I’m still making sure I’m there each morning and night, even if I have a gig or something. I don’t know why you’d have a kid and then just hand it over to someone."

Ed would "love" to have more children but will put the final decision in the hands of his "incredible" wife.

He said: “I’d love more kids man, I’d love it, but it does all depend on what Cherry wants to because it’s her body.

“I’m really proud of Cherry as a mother. She’s such an incredible human, I’m just in awe.

“She did a whole Cambridge degree which she started two weeks before giving birth, new baby, and I went to her graduation three days ago at Jesus College and people were saying like, ‘How did she do this with a baby?’”


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