E-bikes in Twin Falls

Bull Moose Bicycles co-owner Nate Rioux works on a Civia Parkway e-bike at the shop Wednesday in Twin Falls. The commuter-style bike is a 9-speed, equipped with a Bosch ultra-reliable electric motor and retails around $2,399.

TWIN FALLS — Will e-bikes soon storm the streets of Twin Falls?

Three local bike shops reported in October that e-bike sales seem like a financial win, and the shops are receiving ample kudos for the popular personal vehicle achieving a market share in the Twin Falls biking community.

Epic Elevation Sports manager Steve Price said their shop has sold between 15 and 18 bikes so far in 2019.

The retail price range starts around $2,000 and goes up to $10,000 per bike, equating to sales of between $30,000 and $180,000 — and that is just one shop.

“We’ve been selling e-bikes longer than all the other shops in town,” Price said. “We’ve also sold the most I believe as well.”

Price also said the 50+ age group traditionally buying e-bikes has been dropping to include younger riders — offering enjoyment to a wider range of customers.

“Thirty-somethings are coming in and buying e-bikes,” Price said. “Your weekend warriors who can’t ride half or three-quarters days without getting completely worked are picking up these bikes so they can ride longer.”

Epic sells large retailer brands including Specialized, Rocky Mountain and Felt bicycles.

Over at Spoke & Wheel Bike Shop, bike mechanic Mike McCauley said 10% to 20% of the shop’s overall sales have been e-bikes — with prices starting around $2,500.

Along with the recent announcement the Department of Interior made of allowing e-bike usage on national park trails, the advent and technological advances of modern e-bikes can benefit not only general bicyclists but riders at government agencies as well, McCauley said.

“They are great for police, forest service folks, etc., to use since they can get to issues or emergencies quicker than on foot or hiking,” he said.

Spoke N’ Wheel sells large retailer Giant, and smaller brands such as Liv (women’s specific) and Momentum, to round out its lineup.

Nate Rioux, co-owner of Bull Moose Bikes, said his shop sells e-bikes at a price range from $2,400 to over $6,000.

“They’re gaining popularity and we’ve sold a few,” Rioux said. “They will be a big deal in the next few years.”

Rioux mentioned Bull Moose’s focus is a little different than the other shops in town, mostly concentrated on commuter e-bikes.

“These kinds could replace a vehicle,” Rioux said. “They really could transform a person’s attitude toward life with traveling around town, running errands, and general pleasure riding.”

Bull Moose sells Yuba, Silva and Kona brands in their shop.

A report released in March 2019 from Report Linker said the global e-bike market was estimated to be valued at $21.1 billion in 2018. It also projected the market to exceed $38 billion by 2025.

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