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Fishing columnist Jordan Rodriguez wishes his readers happy holidays — and a very merry Fishmas!

‘Twas the night before Fish-Mas, and all through the state

Not a single young angler was staying up late

The tackle was stowed in the pickup with care

With sandwiches, sodas and jerky to share

The anglers slept soundly, all snug in their beds

While visions of wall-hangers danced in their heads

Then up with the sun, the anglers did rise

With a hop in their steps and a gleam in their eyes

Spring has sprung, and the bass will be waking

A five-pound largemouth is there for the taking!

And then off to C.J. to throw crappie jigs

A fine fish fry awaits — man, that one’s a pig!

We’ll switch out our tackle as the hour grows late

The catfish are biting on all kinds of bait

‘Twas a channel cat derby — we caught half-a-dozen

Along with two flatheads: their much larger cousin

Now over to Hagerman, the trout will be biting

Those high-flying rainbows are experts at fighting

Or pick up your permit and de-barb your hooks

It’s time to go wrestle some spring-run Chinooks!

As summer sets in, there’s no need to bake

Just beat a retreat to a high mountain lake

You’ll catch alpine cutthroats and brookies galore

They’ll bite like they’ve never seen spinners before!

When the late-summer days remain calm and warm

The Snake River smallmouth are likely to swarm

Throwing crayfish-type lures is truly a blast

You’ll tangle with smallies on cast after cast

Henry’s Lake monsters are worth the drive east

Or you might try to catch a prehistoric beast;

An Idaho sturgeon, a true dinosaur

Find them near Bliss, Buhl, Bruneau and more!

As temperatures drop and the leaves start to turn

The kokanee begin their bright-red sojourn

Fall fishing is excellent on Silver Creek

If trophy-sized brown trout are what you seek

The bass bite is slowing, but no need to fret

We can still chase walleye at Oakley, no sweat

Or make the long trek to the Salmon in Riggins

The steelhead are running — and there are some big ’uns!

When the lakes start to freeze, don’t be offended

Ice fishing is Magic — Ha! Pun intended

Or throw on your waders and bundle up good

Trout fishing is dynamite on the Big Wood

Then back to the ranch — it’s been quite a year

You’ve caught lots of fish and sipped lots of beer

It’s time to rest up, time to re-spool your reels

So take off your waders and kick up your heels

Curl up by the fire with some holiday rhymes

Merry Christmas, dear readers. Oh, and Tight Lines!

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