A month has passed since I landed in Twin Falls, and the glaciated tongues of ice on the canyon walls have transformed from frozen beards to dripping chunks of ice, soon to be waterfalls. I figured it is time to introduce myself. And what a better day than Valentine’s Day to let our readers know we appreciate you at the Times-News?

I’m the new Enterprise Editor, managing the Big Story section and the Outdoors page. You may have read my Sunday spread on Feb. 10 — Magic Valley’s yoga boom: Balancing body, mind and spirit. That sample lends itself well to my curious side, eager to experience and learn.

As a newbie in the Magic Valley, I’ve had the chance to take a few of the proverbial tours around the area. Mesmerized by the magic of Balanced Rock, I hiked up and around the boulders for a taste of the wide-open south-central Idaho sky. The horizon is a bit different than where I come from — East Idaho — where the tips of the Teton Range dot the snow-capped skyline.

I also got to admire my reflection on the perfectly still waters of the Snake River at Centennial Waterfront Park, a stark shift from the raging rapids the same river cuts through the canyon of Jackson Hole, just over the state line from Teton Valley, where I spent so many years. It was there that I wondered who all of you are, our trusty readers, and how I might entice you to engage with me as I seek to localize our Outdoors section.

I liken this mission to the ever-changing waters of Shoshone Falls, spilling gracefully over age-old rocks. At a mere trickle now, in just a few months, they will be surging over the spillway, as I hope your tips and leads will also be.

I’m an avid runner, hiker, snowboarder, splitboarder, yogi, paddle boarder and whitewater rafter. I love the outdoors, and I’ll give most outdoor activities a decent shot myself, or at least some thoughtful coverage.

I’ll be printing my own escapades for your entertainment in my upcoming “OUT AND ABOUT” section. See this week’s glimpse — Balanced Rock: Holding on and letting go.

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