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In previous rants to the Times-News, I’ve stressed the fact that what makes America great is our freedom and liberty. Take the First Amendment because that’s what this letter concerns. Recently Matt Christensen wrote an editorial for this paper justifying printing all points of view, even those of the far-left fringe. That’s what freedom means. I, along with thousands of other Magic Valley residents, don’t agree with left-wing politics, but that doesn’t mean I oppose their freedom to express their viewpoints.

This past week demonstrated a glaring example of free speech protest when many of the National Football League players chose to kneel for the national anthem. Fuel was thrown on the fire by the courageous and outspoken POTUS when he tweeted they should all be fired, using his First Amendment right just as the players did. What disturbs me about the protest, as a veteran U.S. Marine, is that the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines serve to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and that many service men and women can’t take a knee because they lost it defending our free speech.

I don’t watch pro football because I don’t feel like wasting four hours of my valuable time viewing spoiled, overindulged, semi-literate individuals who don’t have my interests at heart. What consequences are there for a fan who has no financial interest in a team? The NFL is self-destructing as a business entity.

Mike Tylka


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